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    Default Insurgency

    Insurgency Modern Infantry Combat was a half life 2 mod, the developers new world interactive later made a standalone video game called Insurgency 2 a.k.a. Insurgency. They released beta in 2013 and full game was released in 2014. It is one of the best indie games of 2014.

    Insurgency is a hardcore multiplayer infantry first person shooter(or just say tactical shooter) which is mainly focused on realism. So it has no health regeneration, and.... you may not like it- it has 1 shot kill system, like hardcore mode in cod or battlefield.

    maps- maps are greatly balanced, except for some. 12/13 maps, and more maps/contents are coming, free.

    The game has many game modes, co op has 2 modes, and pvp multiplayer has 7. (but some of them are more or less same.)

    poster/screenshots- Click image for larger version. 

Name:	insurgency_1151.jpg 
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Name:	477362.jpg 
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    youtube gameplay-

    review- steam user very positiive- 92%
    ign 7.5, ign users 8.5.
    metacritic 74
    price- standard 15$, but at this moment its 7.5$ only (until 11:59pm today), sometimes it goes 5$.

    the game didnt have a wikipedia page in 2014

    wikia page-

    My review of the game-

    the game is like hardcore mode.
    minimal hud, which is not bad because less hud less distraction.
    no mini map. you need to press n to get full map.

    the game is as realistic as it gets. so 1 hit kill system, you get shot at head, from any weapon at any range you are dead. you get 2 or 3 shot at body and wearing heavy armor, you are dead. you get 1 or 2 shots at body and wearing light armor, you are dead.

    it has weight system so if you want to carry heavy armors and weapons and frags, you get a lot heavier and can not run fast.

    in most of the servers you can not even know when you killed somebody, you have to see there body/weapon to be confirmed.

    you can not even shoot when jumping.

    too much recoil, sometimes feels unrealistic, i wonder how does carbine has that ridiculous recoil even when using foregrip?

    round based game so you can not spawn whenever you want. and in some game mods after respawn waves are finished you can't spawn until your team captures another objective.

    suppression is there for some weapon, and this time you have to really lie down in the ground because any suppressing bullet hits you somehow, you dead.

    classes- the classes are greatly balanced and can be diversified. i was astonished, and because it has 1 shot kill system it won't allow you to take many rounds for grenade launchers or stuff.

    you can use any weapon(provided that you have supply points), so ranking up feature is actually irrelevant because it does not give any advantage in the game.

    maps- maps are greatly balanced, except for some. 12/13 maps.

    night maps are awesome, in other words- annoying and too difficult because of the campers.
    and night map means night map, you will not be able to see anything without night visions.

    The game has many game modes, co op has 2 modes, and pvp multiplayer has 7. (but some of them are more or less same.)
    ambush and infiltrate(capture the flag) gamemodes are super fun, or some might say they are disgusting.

    not too many pvp servers are in south east asia, you can play in couple of those, or you have to play in european servers.
    you can host your own server if you have friends.

    developer support- they will continue adding free stuffs(DLCs) to the game.

    my scores-

    graphics- 8.5-9
    very realistic, but source engine so not too many textures are there. you might say- "hey this looks exactly like cs go just little more textures."
    no annoying blue tint like bf3 or yellowish/darkish tint like bf4.

    music- good background/menu music, 8-8.5

    ai in co op- i didnt play co op much, but ai seemed difficult.

    netcode- very good, most of the servers has 64 to 100 tickrate.

    Is the price worth it? definitely.

    summary- must play if you have ever dreamed of playing realistic first person shooter (i have), because this is one of the most realistic fps games ever made, maybe the most realistic. you want to play another realistic fps game like this you need to play arma.

    don't play if you are not a fan of hardcore shooters, it will be very annoying for you.
    might not be the best game to start first person shooter.

    tips- you really need to camp in this game, and i mean camp.

    similar infantry combat in other games- actually it doesnt have much similarity with other fps games, but i can name arma/counter strike global offensive/squad/battlefield

    my screenshots-
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	insurgency_2014_12_02_17_32_46_532.jpg 
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Name:	insurgency_2014_12_07_23_07_17_665.jpg 
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Name:	insurgency_2014_12_29_00_22_50_258.jpg 
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Name:	insurgency_2014_12_29_01_42_29_518.jpg 
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Name:	insurgency_2014_12_29_10_58_31_476.jpg 
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    bugs- there are small glitches- sometimes you get stuck, sometimes your game will auto quit, your mp40 red dot sight might not work properly like this photo-
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	insurgency_2014_12_31_14_21_24_613.jpg 
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Name:	insurgency_2014_12_19_00_11_43_306.jpg 
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    but nothing like battlefield 4 or assassins creed unity, so don't worry
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    it is really hard....they annihilate me every time i try this...

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