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Thread: Dead rising² ↔ enslaved !!

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    Default Dead rising² ↔ enslaved !!

    Pc-te sob khailla falailo DR2 . Ar akhono xbox 360-te asar kono khobor-o pailam na .Ar Enslaved-o naki joss korsa kobe asbe je. Kau phone paile or somehow khobor paile inform plz ☺

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    Default Re: Dead rising² ↔ enslaved !!

    Amar enslaved ase. Ami download kore burn kore kheltesi. I can sell it for 140 bucks after finishing da game within next week. Let me know if u r interested 2 buy.

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    Default Re: Dead rising² ↔ enslaved !!

    DR2 asche, im going now. And i will also buy castlevania. I dot need enslaved so urgent but, as far as i know there is a small download able of Alan wake, if u ever dl that then im interested as a game that small will not come in a disc here.

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