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Thread: Monitor problem

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    Default Monitor problem

    I had a Samsung SyncMaster 753DFX which 'almost' died last year. At first the screen turned yellowish and again became normal after I banged on the table, it became alright. I had to do it several times a day. Then after doing like this for some days the monitor showed some black horizontal bars when I hitted the table it became alright. Within a few days the monitor turned all black.
    Then I got an LCD Monitor and kept that CRT away.
    Now I need it again, so any suggestion guys 'bout it like how much it will cost, what the problem actually is, and whether it has a chance to be fixed.

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    Default Re: Monitor problem

    I think it is not a serious problem. At first change your vga cable. If not ok then it need resolder some of parts on monitor circuitboard. It may cost 400-500tk only.

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