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Thread: Need help regarding desktop buying within the budget

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    Exclamation Need help regarding desktop buying within the budget

    I am new in this forum. I am going to buy a new PC (my laptop is lost and desktop is old).
    I have gone through some posts here and and found you guys being very helpful. after reading some posts here I have chosen this config
    -> CPU: INTEL CORE I5 4590 3.3 GHz (16k)
    ->MOBO: Gigabyte GA B85M D3H
    ->Ram: Adata 8GB 1600 (6.4k)
    ->Monitor: ASUS VX229H (14k)
    ->HDD: WD 1TB (4.5k)
    ->UPS 650 VA prolink 2.6k
    ->DVD Writer 1.4k

    Didn't decided about casing, PSU and speaker. I dont get much time for gaming and will work with HD4600 now. but plan to buy a graphics card within 9k later. I am in Ctg and have to buy from here.
    Hope you guys will help me choose best config within 60K.

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    • redwan hasan's Gadgets
      • Motherboard:
      • Asrock B75 Pro-3 M
      • CPU:
      • Intel Core i7 2600 + CM Hyper 412S
      • RAM:
      • Transcend 1333MHz 16GB (4GB*4)
      • Hard Drive:
      • WD 2TB 6Gb/s, Hitachi 1TB 3Gb/s, Samsung 320GB 3Gb/s
      • Graphics Card:
      • MSI GTX660OC 2GB
      • Display:
      • Asus MX239H
      • Sound Card:
      • Built in Realtek ALC892
      • Speakers/HPs:
      • Creative Inspire 2400 2:1, Skullcandy 50/50
      • Keyboard:
      • A4Tech KBS21
      • Mouse:
      • A4tech X7
      • Controller:
      • Generic XBOX Clone
      • Power Supply:
      • Corsair CX750
      • Optical Drive:
      • Asus DRW 24 B3ST
      • UPS:
      • Power Gaurd 1200VA
      • Operating System:
      • Windows 8.1 64bit. Ubuntu 14.10 x64
      • Comment:
      • Waiting on new system.
      • ISP:
      • Link3 5Mbps
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    For RAM get two sticks to activate dual channel.
    Boost up ur budget slightly and get a nvidia 750ti.

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    Thanks for the nice suggestion

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