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Thread: Jamil's Comics & Collectibles

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    Jamil's Comics $ Collectibles

    I saw this store last weekend from the streets. Banani UAE mkt er top floor ey. though I should inform all u folks on the forum who are collectors. Ami nije dokan ta chk-out kori nai. Interesting je BD tey erokom ekta original comic-book store hoisey ebong cholbey!

    They have a FB page too - the pics there look interesting enough. And there is the link:

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    Don't groan me, but eigulo ki joke er comics ? :S
    And, +rep.

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    Joke-r maaney? Bujhlam na!

    Original gula ansey mone hoi for collectors. Onek manush asey ei comic-boi gula collect korey.

    Ami oder collection dekhi nai -- dekha-r ichha asey.

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    They also have a web-page link.

    Onader price gula besh bhalo dekha jachhey.

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    Hmm... :S
    Ami spiderman + batman er comics gulor upor interested...

    Age batman er upor interested chilam na, arkham asylum khelar por + cartoon gulo dekhar por ekdom... boro shoro fan hoye gesi...

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    Ami ekhono dokan ta dekhi nai kintu je price e dichhey sheita obishashsho! 50Tk, 100tk? Trade paperback gula within 500tk? Daam gula bhalo - kintu kono hishabei porey na. Amar ekta idea hochhey hoito karo purano collection bechey dichhey dokan khuley. True collector ra khub bhalo bhabey comics preserve korey rakhey. Mone hoi notun er moto! And also frm their web-site besh purano issue dekhlam!

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