to admin plz dont mind for this post is just too urgent.

hi all.Ami Kal ekta PSP kinte jassi.So I need good advise and info.
Here is my requirement:
1.I will use PSP specially for its Wi-Fi connection.In my workplace,there is Wi-Fi hotspot.
I never used Wi-Fi before.ekta kotha bole raka valo je,"wifi connection dia PSN e join korer kono issa amar nai".Ami directly psp dia torrrent theke game ar movie namabo.

2.PSP must be parmanently modded and should play all demo and game(in iso,cso,eboot.bin,eboot.pbp etc format) arround the internet.2000-3000TK dia UMD or Credit card dia psn theke game namia TK nosto korer kono issa amar nai.

3.It should last long.teksoi

4.Ar ekti bisoi holo "JPCSP".Its a "PSP emulator in JAVA for PC".kintu "pcsx2" er moto directly iso ete run kora jai naa.Oder forum e ami deklam,bollo je "Your Game must be decrypted to eboot.bin,then run".You may see this
I need a PSP that can also do that "decrypting job"

Those are my req.My budget is 18000TK(PSP+memory 8GB).Where can I go?Which model should I take?

PLZ help someone.