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Thread: Help about PSP.(urgent)

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    Default Help about PSP.(urgent)

    hi all.Ami Kal ekta PSP kinte jassi.So I need good advise and info.
    Here is my requirement:
    1.I will use PSP specially for its Wi-Fi connection.In my workplace,there is Wi-Fi hotspot.
    I never used Wi-Fi before.ekta kotha bole raka valo je,"wifi connection dia PSN e join korer kono issa amar nai".Ami directly psp dia torrrent theke game ar movie namabo.

    2.PSP must be parmanently modded and should play all demo and game(in iso,cso,eboot.bin,eboot.pbp etc format) arround the internet.2000-3000TK dia UMD or Credit card dia psn theke game namia TK nosto korer kono issa amar nai.

    3.It should last long.teksoi

    4.Ar ekti bisoi holo "JPCSP".Its a "PSP emulator in JAVA for PC".kintu "pcsx2" er moto directly iso ete run kora jai naa.Oder forum e ami deklam,bollo je "Your Game must be decrypted to eboot.bin,then run".You may see this
    I need a PSP that can also do that "decrypting job"

    Those are my req.My budget is 18000TK(PSP+memory 8GB).Where can I go?Which model should I take?

    PLZ help someone.

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    Default Re: Help about PSP.(urgent)

    Any PSP should fulfill your requirement, and you can get a psp with a 8 GB memory card for around 6-9000 taka used (Clickbd,cellbazar,etc)
    For 1: With a PSP you can JOin any B/g Wifi network, but to download torrents, you will need to mod it, then download a Homebrew Torrent app.

    For 2: You can play Most Games downloaded from the internet, Most because some games wont work with Modded PSP. (A small number.)

    3: If you take care of the PSP, then It will last long, REALLY LONG. It depends upon the owner, on how long an item lasts.
    If you like playing catch with it, or play it in the shower (While your showering) It aint gonna last long.

    For 4 Im not sure about that.

    Anyways A PSP 1000 or 2000 is good for you, as they are easy to Modify, and are harder to break.
    PSp 3000 Is harder to modify, and the PSP Go, is extremly expensive to buy.

    Hopefully youll have a good experience with your future PSP.

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    Default Re: Help about PSP.(urgent)

    thanks for replay man.But i have already brought it from basundara.But i think something is odd.Analog stick of my psp is not 100% working as it should be.Someone know where can i replace analog stick for psp and for how much money? thanks.

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    Default Re: Help about PSP.(urgent)

    Hmm you should take the PSP back to the store and show then whats wrong with it.
    If you bought the product and it turns out to be defective in any way, then the item should be entitled for a repair at the stores cost.
    Not unless they told you about the problem during the purchase.
    You could open the psp yourself and see whats wrong, maybe too much dust in the analog stick?
    Take it to the repair shop at one of those game stores in bashundhara city, if you dont want to fix it yourself.

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