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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. And i would like to share some of my experiences about MMORPG games i played so far and also would like to ask you guys to try out.
Note: you dont need to have huge bandwidth to play online games. you just need at least constant 3kbps ul/dl to play most of the games. I have played 8/9 games so far. none of them required more than that. but, the more the better.

1: Silkroad Online
Its a fantastic Online Fantasy Mythical RPG game. one singular huge world. fantastic graphics, gameplay, quests. Kool mobs, weapons, armors, items.
Its a free to play game. But lately they have introduced Premium service, which means if you purchase the premium service u have to pay $20 per month to have hassle free login to any server. Usually you cant login cause the servers are full almost all th times. I kinda gave up playing th game cause i could log in with my free account.
URL: http://www.silkroadonline.net

2: Knight Online:
Its a Fantasy game with not so good graphics, but with a very good game play. as i mentioned, the mobs, charecters, armors, weapons are not that kool. you can't usually define who is wearing what unless you are experienced with that. but thew best thing about this game is, Battles and PvP against Orcs and Humans. Previously this game had several servers in several copuntries, but lately K2 network bought the new version and made the other servers to shut down. So the US servers are the only option right now. they only have the premium service.
URL: http://knightonlineworld.gamersfirst.com/

3: EVE Online:
Well this is the best Space base RPG games i have seen so far. Fantastic Graphics, awesome gameplay, 4 human races. I insist you guys to take a look at the game. This game is not free. it costs $20 per month to play. This game is my current obsession. I request you guys to take a look at the game website for further details.
URL: http://www.eve-online.com