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Thread: Good quality budget parts: CPU coolers and case fans

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    Default Good quality budget parts: CPU coolers and case fans

    Hi folks

    I want to know whether and where you guys go looking for PC components these days. I have been importing stuff from Amazon all this while for almost 3 years, but it gets annoying sometimes especially because I have to rely on others. I like physical stores, or at least, some decent accessibility to warranty and service centres. I think the state of things have improved a little all these years.

    Previously, I could not locate a good and comfortable place where I could procure electronic parts for hobby purposes. Now, I have been made aware of TechshopBD, which looks awesome (though, because they still import stuff I'll end up paying a bit more than if I were to buy from Amazon through a proxy). I'm looking for a similar place, but for computer geeks (and also bookworms, while we're at it).

    I am presently looking for budget CPU coolers/HSF and case fans, [1][2][3][4] and optionally some toothpaste. [5] A search for "bangladesh cpu cooler" gave me some results, [6][7] but I have no experience buying from these places. I'd like to just stop Googling if someone could kindly point me to the right place or put me back in Amazon

    Thanks beforehand for any replies.

    [1] Arctic CPU cooler
    [2] CoolerMaster CPU cooler (for Intel socket LGA 775)
    [3] CoolerMaster 92mm case fan
    [4] Antec 92mm case fan
    [5] Zalman thermal grease

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    about 2. u can look into binary logic. they bring cooler master stuff. cm hyper 212x(~3k) and 412slim(4k) both support lga 775 and are good bang for the buck.

    they also bring thermal grease and fans but don't have the exact ones that u want.

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