Hello guys,

Can you help me out? If you have this game installed and using the Skidrow crack, then you can help me out in a few minutes.

Just download my save game where I am at now form here

Unzip, copy the contents of the "2" folder to C:\users\[name]\appdata\local\storage\skidrow\2

Make a backup of your own files so that you don't lose anything.

Then, complete an objective or reach any checkpoint so that the save file is updated and I can resume from where you left off.

Finally, compress the folder again and upload to a file sharing website, then give me the link. Its easy.

I think its the only way to solve it as nothing else helps, patching it to latest version doesn't help either. I googled around and found that LOTS of people are having this problem.

The problem looks like this. Just don't ask me for any driver update or compatibility or anything like that. I'm not a noob, its just a poorly coded game. I have nearly 19 versions of the savegame (using Norton Ghost). Any of them works except the latest one, and it crashes at the exact same place. Tried replaying last savegame and continuing, nothing changed.

I think my configuration is allergic to this checkpoint.