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Thread: Trying to buy wireless internet (w/ Wifi) for my parents in Lalmatia

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    Default Trying to buy wireless internet (w/ Wifi) for my parents in Lalmatia

    Hello everyone, my parents have very bad internet connection at the moment.

    They browse the internet normally (sometimes even use Facebook), don't download much at all and maybe they want to see a few youtube videos every now and then but can't do so because of the current internet connection. I don't want to get broadband for the house due to some complications but I'm looking for the cheapest wireless internet that will provide the best quality service.

    I am currently studying abroad so for most of the year the internet will be used by them only. But what I want to do is give them a decent internet connection so when me and my uncles and cousins come home everyone will have decent level connection and people can see videos online without having to wait all the time.

    I know Qubee and BanglaLion have packages that allow you to directly have WiFi from the modem they provide. I'm looking at the slowest connection with the 10GB cap for both of these services (and I think that's enough to stream videos).

    If this helps, I live in Block A Lalmatia near the water tank.

    I also used Qubee for 2-3 months back in beginning 2011 and while my browsing speed was fine and video play was OK (got stuck and buffered for a little while for most videos 1 or 2 times) it didn't give me maximum signal strength. I think I used to have 1 bar in my house or in a single room 2 bars maximum. I don't know if their coverage in Block A Lalmatia has improved since 2011 (maybe you guys can help me out with this?)

    I also checked the coverage for both Qubee and BanglaLion in my area. I am really not sure if Qubee really did improve its coverage in my area like the map says because I only had 1-2 bars back in 2011:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I am leaning towards BL at the moment but their coverage map looks "too good to be true". It seems like their map is showing that they can cover 95% of Dhaka which seems like a huge exaggeration to me:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So please guys I really need your advice. Which one should I get so that I can have good WiFi at my house at the cheapest cost. I am looking to avoid Broadband (or any wired internet) completely because of some other complications. What do you guys think?

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    You can try "local broadband". See if Mazeda is available for your location. I am in Block E and have been with Qubee for more than a couple of years and then Mazeda for a couple of months now. No regrets so far with Mazeda, since I have no FUP and YouTube is boosted with Google cache (you won't have this benefit with the current WiMAX providers).

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    I think its better to go with broadband and a wifi router.

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