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Thread: Results of Warzone 360 cod4 tournament

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    Default Results of Warzone 360 cod4 tournament

    Warzone 360 cod4 tournament
    Dated : friday 2 july '10
    Venue : Warzone 360,22/a jagganthpur Bashundhara resindential area Badda,Baridhara(near JAMUNA FUTURE THEME PARK),1st floor

    Rules :
    Team Deathmatch
    group stage+knockout (every match is best of 3 maps)
    score limit : 1000 points
    time limit : 10 minutes

    air support(6 button),rpg,grenade launcher,stun grenade,acog scope,martyrdom,last stand were banned.

    ----line ups----

    :::::Group A::::::
    Street Warriors (RRR,roy,max,scimitar,prince,chadtara)
    Tyrant (painkiller,bond,silentkiller,chinese dog,mindfreak)
    Crysoberyl (seduction,imtiaz,xxx-xone,vaizard,vipersuck)

    :::::Group B::::::
    Disaster (assassin,gaju,xxx,phoenix,furious)
    The Dushtu's (jmb commander,niko,ozzy,ripperzee,one man army,berret 50 cal)
    Titans-boshundhara (kronos,razor25,bloodreaver,exorcist,wind) (this team is completely differant from titans-shamoli)

    groups were fixed by lottery


    Group A

    match 1

    Tyrant versus Crysoberil
    420(Spetsnaz)--370(SAS) countdown
    470(Opfor)-----390(Marine) bog

    match 2

    Street Warriors vs Crysoberil
    460(op)-----------480(mar) bog
    440(op)-----------400(mar) Crossfire
    520(op)-----------380(mar) crash

    match 3

    Street Warriors vs Tyrant
    540(mar)-----------460(op) crash
    800(op)------------760(mar) showdown

    Promoted in semi from this group : Street Warriors,Tyrant
    Eliminated : Crysoberyl

    Group B

    match 1

    Disaster vs Titans-boshundhara
    790(mar)----270(op) backlot
    1000(mar)---450(op) bog

    match 2

    Disaster vs Dushtu's
    410(op)-----450(mar) backlot
    110(mar)----110(op) crossfire
    640(op)-----510(mar) crash

    match 3

    Dushtu's vs Titans
    1000(op)----560(mar) crossfire
    1000 ----420 wetwork (data lost about team)

    Promoted in semi from this group : Disaster,The Dushtu's
    Eliminated : Titans-boshundhara

    Semifinal 1
    B2 vs A1

    Dushtu's vs Street Warriors
    720(mar)----620 (op) crossfire
    550(sas)----880 (spet) downpur
    900(op)-----700 (mar) crash

    Semifinal 2
    A2 vs B1

    Tyrant vs Disaster (detalied score lost)
    Tyrant(mar) defeated Disaster(op) by ~110 differance in crash
    Tyrant(mar) defeated Disaster(op) by ~150 differance in crossfire

    Dushtu's and Tyrant went to final


    Dushtu's vs Tyrant
    790(mar)----860(op) bog
    420(op)-----310(mar) crossfire
    500(mar)----420(op) crash

    Standings and Prize money

    Champion : The Dushtu's (full team 4000taka)
    Runners up : Tyrant (2000taka)
    3rd place : Disaster (N/A)
    Semifinalist : Street Warriors (N/A)
    (registration fee was 1500 taka per team)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	36008_1413924439876_1585505022_947543_8387343_n.jpg 
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    the Dushtu's after winning the turny.

    Thanks to Foisal Hasan @360 for organising this turny.
    co-organiser me @Taher fu®ious™

    and srry for late posting turny details were lost!


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