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Thread: HoN eXtreme Private Server - Closed

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    Default HoN eXtreme Private Server - Closed

    After Successfully running a HoN eXtreme 8+ months they closed it. Many People are playing on that server. Extreme server team decided to close that server to all non VIP ID holders. Curently there are only 226 VIP ID holders. Many gamers like me are HoN less now.

    Here what they sayed on there website.....

    HoN-eXtreme closed to all none VIP members.

    • Total Accounts : 265,727
    • Total VIP Accounts : 226
    • Total Matches : 1,526,481
    • Total Hero Kills : 9,265,887
    • Total Hero Deaths : 9,627,258

    • Total Server Boxs : 19
    • Total Match Slots : 168
    • Total Months in Service : 8

    Pretty impressive stats for a private server don't you think?

    When we first acquired the files necessary to run Heroes of Newerth we were excited to be able to provide the community with a free alternative to S2's servers. We opened while the game was still in closed/open beta and for that reason our population was low, we never expected the amount of players who would wish to join the server. It started with just one or two server box's, but when S2 went retail the population exploded and we soon found ourselves running out of games for everybody to play. We offered a VIP account to those who wanted to help with the costs, we even provided special servers for them to play on anytime they wanted. But it seams that was not enough. Even tho we kept adding more servers for everybody to play on, the donations never increased and since the first month we have paid for these servers purely out of pocket. The donations helped some, but at the end of the month it was always us paying the bills.

    We feel the HoN servers were a huge success. Sure we had our problems, the dupe bug, various downtime, full servers etc. But it has come time for us to make a final decision regarding the servers, and we have decided to close access to only those with VIP accounts. This will be done for the following reasons.

    1. To lower our costs each month.
    2. Garena will be opening free retail for SEA players shortly.
    3. We do not wish to see those who have supported us be left out by closing the servers fully.
    4. The dupe bug which we never found a valid solution to. This way those with VIP accounts if found duping can be banned and they won't be likely to return at the cost of another account.

    We are aware that most users will be mad about this decision, but rest assured it is a necessary action. We hope that someday another community that can better serve the HoN player base will start a new server for everybody to enjoy.

    We want to thank all of our past and current players for making this a great server to play on!

    Special thank you goes out to all those players who helped submit original content, as well as developers and moderators for HoN-eXtreme.

    Best Wishes
    HoN-eXtreme Staff.
    Servers-eXtreme Staff.
    So please don't download the game client from HoN extreme any more.:closedeyes:

    and BTW does one have any HoN beta key left by chance? I need one...
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