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Thread: New drm by denuvo challenges game crackers

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    Unhappy New drm by denuvo challenges game crackers

    For several years now, no PC game that piqued hackers' interest could survive a day or two without being cracked. In fact, it is not that uncommon for hackers to release fully working copies of popular games before they launch.

    For the first time perhaps since the StarForce debacle in 2006, a new company is claiming that its DRM system is un-hackable.

    The DRM in question is developed by Denuvo and it managed to keep the PC version of Lords of the Fallen from being pirated until now, a week after its launch on October 28th. It is also responsible for protecting FIFA 15 which was released nearly a month and half ago and is still uncracked.

    FIFA 15 might be a less attractive target for pirates as online features are part of its core, there is little doubt that an AAA single-player action RPG such Lords of the Fallen is a lucrative target.

    Interestingly enough, Lords of the Fallen players are reporting plenty of in-game bugs in addition to instability and crashes that are largely attributed to the new DRM system. Developer CI Games is currently working on a patch that should thwart all those problems. Ironically, this is exactly what happened eight years ago when StarForce managed to protect Ubisoft games for months before the company ditched it due to legitimate customer complains about its stability and performance impact.


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    I'm really scared now.It's been almost 2 months & still uncracked.Is this the end of pirates??I can't buy games at tk4000-5000.
    StarForce screwed up audio programs,slowed system down but Denuvo on the other hand doesn't causes this kind of major issues.So i think in future lots of game devs will be using Denuvo drm..

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