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Thread: Need help :(

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    Default Need help :(

    ame akta Tv card kinse...usb tv card.. but oita (xp to vista) supported... but ame win 7 use kore... tai ame 2 ta os aksathe use kortese.... xp only for tv card.. and win 7 for rest of work.. ame xp drive C tay first and win 7 drive D tay setup korse... but now amar tv card ar kaj thekee hochee but win 7 a game onk slow choltase.... ame age PES 10 full detail a kheltam easily .. but now low detail a kheleoo game onk slow chole... how can i solve this prob with my tv card and my win7 and GAMES...... HELPPPPP!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Need help :(

    i feel sorry for you.
    its cause one of my friend a lot of trouble to run both os(both are 32 bit) simultaneously.
    but as you have done it successfully so congrats.

    if your d drive is free with 5~6 gb then i don't see any problem.

    but my suggestion is if you have 4gb or higher ram then try win 7 x64 version cause i personally using them for nearly 9 months without a problem.(beta version also for win7).
    but experts can tell you more.

    good luck.

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