>> Open COD 4 via the START GAME button in the Garena Room. If you haven't configured your executable settings for COD4 then check below link,
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>> Click on "Start new server" .

>> In the Game Mode: Either pick Team Deathmatch or Free-for-all

>> In most circumstances, only limit Maximum Players to 10-16 only. This can usually lead to lag once there are many players.
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>> Click on Game Mode Settings and Adjust if you want Hardcore mode or not.

>> Hardcore mode: Disabled -

>> You get a hud or the Heads up Display showing the amount of ammo you have, the experience ruler on the bottom showing your level up progress. C4, RPG, Nightvision, Claymore, Grenade and other things.

>> Weapons have standard damage.

>> Hardcore mode - Every icon onscreen is turned off, all weapons are deadlier, you can kill almost with just 1-2 bullets at most of the time. This is recommended for experienced gamers.

>> Disable Friendly Fire. This can always lead to quarrels over teammates. At most times, put this off.
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>> Start the server and Once the Map is loaded. Press the tilde button ( ~ ) below the ESC key on the keyboard to open the Console. This is to reduce the respawn time once a player dies.

>> Type in:
For TeamDeathMatch: \scr_war_playerrespawndelay 1
For Free-for-all: \scr_dm_playerrespawndelay 1
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