Hello everyone, itís me again. Iíve recently encountered a problem with my Dell S2240L monitor which has been bought a bit more than a year ago. I noticed the display across the whole left area of the monitor has somewhat become greenish out of the blue and small pixels can be seen there so the images shown here are a bit distorted. I tried switching my video adapter (nVidia 9500GT) and run the monitor on the integrated graphics adapter of the motherboard but the problem persists.

Anyway I entered the monitorís self-test mode and performed a diagnosis where the display changes into Red, Green, Blue, White, Black etc. screens but still the problem is there. Iíve come to a conclusion that the monitor is malfunctioned. But before I take it to the seller I want to know, is there anything else I could do to fix the problem; am I overlooking something here? Any suggestions and constructive comments are welcomed.