I was goofing around inside the casing, trying to clean it, and accidentally pulled the heatsink of the northbridge chipset too hard. It actually tilted and lifted up a bit before springing back to position. Now I am concerned that I have broken the thermal glue and let air bubbles inside. The heatsink is can be moved a little bit around easily now, as much as it's spring loaded clasps allow, not sure if it was like it beofore.

After turning on the PC, the heatsink did get warm like before, indicating that it is still conducting heat. Also the PC is stable. But I think there are no sensors in my mobo to monitor northbridge temperature.

I have some thermaltake TG-2 available. So, Should I take out the heatsink, clean it and replace the thermal glue/paste with TG-2 or should I just leave it alone?