• God of War Ghost of Sparta Coming to the PSP

    Developer: Dawn Studio and Sony Santa Monica Studio

    The New and Upcoming God of War Title God of War: Ghost of Sparta will Coming to the PSP. This New God of War Ghost of Sparta Developed by Ready at Dawn Studio and Sony Santa Monica Studio.
    The Creative Director of this Game is Ru Werasuriya and Game Director is Dana Jan.
    Graphically is Much Better than the Previous God of War PSP Version Chains of Olympus That's Said Dana Jan
    at E3 [ Electronic Entertainment Expo ]2010 Press Conference. This New God of War Release Date is Not Fixed but
    This will Release in this Year.
    An interesting questions session with the developers of the game can be viewed here.
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    1. aayman's Avatar
      aayman -
      The game is out on torrents, already have it downloaded.

      Running perfectly on 5.50GEND3 Prometheus-2.
    1. aayman's Avatar
      aayman -
      Sheirokom game guys SHEIROKOM! Ato kisu PSP te je possible ami jiboneo believe kortam na. Anyone with a PSP must play this game. I already uploaded it to torrentbd, if you're a member with a PSP, then get it!

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