• Major CSS Update

    Valve has announced a major update to the Counter-Strike: Source Beta. If you play the game and aren’t in the beta, this should still be of interest as these are the features that will be rolled out to everyone for free very soon.
    CSS Beta with Motion Blur
    Here’s the list of new features and updates in this beta release:

    • 144 achievements added
    • New lifetime player stats and summary screens
    • New match player stats and summary screens
    • New end of round display with MVP and interesting fact about a player
    • Updated scoreboard with new icons, visual style, MVP stars, and avatar pictures
    • New cinematic death camera
    • New domination and revenge system
    • Added avatar icons to voice chat, scoreboard, and end of round display
    • Incorporated many source engine updates

    Valve isn’t working on the beta alone, and has called in Hidden Path Studios to help with development. Most of the new features seem to be aimed at long-time players who will relish updates such as lifetime player stats and new achievements to collect. New or returning players should also be encouraged by the introduction of the domination and revenge systems.

    Basically, Counter Strike Source is now being ported to the Orange Box engine. Biggest improvement we will be seeing is multi-core rendering and greatly improved netcode. On the downside, it'll require greater bandwidth but our current servers should still be able to handle 100 tick matches.

    If you would like to know more about Counter Strike Source Beta, check out these reviews at GotGames and Cadred.
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    1. UnseeeN's Avatar
      UnseeeN -
      Pro CvP! xD
    1. AmareX's Avatar
      AmareX -
      cvp n cs? Bite me!!
    1. UnseeeN's Avatar
      UnseeeN -
      Quote Originally Posted by AmareX View Post
      cvp n cs? Bite me!!
      Noo lol.
      CvP did that because our epic publisher 'wintereise' failed to find out the mistakes in this article.
      sry winty
    1. LynAs's Avatar
      LynAs -
      good news but the effect i am seeing in the picture makes me -_-
    1. Hamilton's Avatar
      Hamilton -
      wow, nice work on the motion blur
    1. coldfire7's Avatar
      coldfire7 -
      Found this Russian forum link and this torrent link through Google:
      Counter-Strike: Source Beta *v36 No STEAM Client
      Forum - *Google Translate from RU to EN | Torrent
      Torrent Link Removed. It contains a Trojan:Win32.Delfsnif.DX.
    1. Coming back to life's Avatar
      Coming back to life -
      chorom to! nice timing for my smile ping to get fixed . BHORE DIBO.
    1. cRush's Avatar
      cRush -
      cant wait to play
    1. aayman's Avatar
      aayman -
      Official version is out, now we wait for DigitalZone's non steam version
    1. LynAs's Avatar
      LynAs -
      oh nice. very good news
    1. dipanzan's Avatar
      dipanzan -
      ^_^ ~
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      Zavan -
      ~-~-~-_~-_-((( ^_^ )))-_-~-_--~--__--
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