• Site Updates and Blogs

    Hey guys.
    From now on, I will be posting site updates in here

    I'm happy to let you know that the blogs are enabled for all. You guys can blog just about anything. I have added some categories. Let me know how these suite you.

    • use properly spelled English or Bangla words
    • use proper formatting
    • post images where necessary
    • do not post vulgar/inappropriate contents
    • do not fill posts with smilies; be professional.
    • keep in mind that ALL forum rules applies in here
    • Please use proper blog categories.
    • Please tag your blog (tags mean keywords; non-hierarchical keywords or terms)
    • You can tag and select the category from just below where you will be typing your blog.
    This is very important. Failing to do so repeatedly will get you banned. Period.

    Also, whenever you read any blog entry, do not forget to rate it. Please do not rate it very high unless the quality is really good.

    Finally, your blog posts will be featured on the HomePage if it is really good (quality > quantity). So start your blogging today.

    I'd also request the regular bloggers who have been posting in gaming review section of the forums to copy-paste (edit to form better layout) their previous posts from there in their own blog section. I will be deleting that section of the forums soon.

    If everyone cooperates properly, we can build up the best gaming blog of Bangladesh.
    Combine it with the best forum and what do we get?
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