• How to Upload/Post Images in BG

    This is a tutorial on how to upload images using BG integrated Image Upload system.

    Please read the all the instructions given below step by step:

    01. Switching To Advanced Editor Mode

    You need to be in the "Advanced Editor Mode" (It shows bold text instead of BB-Codes) for doing this.
    The Editor Mode is normally the default mode but if it's not, then you MUST switch to Editor Mode by clicking the "A/A" icon at the upper-right corner of the posting tools.

    02. The Image Insert Button

    Click on the "Image Insert" Button to insert your relevant image.

    An Image Upload window will appear.

    03. Inserting & Uploading image from your computer

    Step 1 : Click on the "From Computer" Tab (It's default Tab, click if it does not appear first)

    Step 2 : Click on the "Browse" button and select the image file you want to upload.

    Step 3 : Finally, Click on the "Upload Files" button.

    Your Image will be uploaded and appear in your post.

    04. Uploading image from other site/URL (also works for imageshack/photobucket etc)

    Step 1 : Make sure that the files you will be uploading from a site/URL is trusted and valid.(Ex-ImageShack)

    Step 2 : Click on "From URL"

    Step 3 : Paste the image link in yellow URL link box and make sure that the "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" is tic-marked. (it is by default)

    Step 4 : Finally press the "Insert Image" Button.

    Your Image will be uploaded and appear in your post.

    05. Editing uploaded Image size/position and adding description (optional)

    Step 1 : Click on the "Pencil Icon" at the top-left corner of the image which appears whenever you move your mouse on the image.

    Step 2 : After clicking, "Image Setting" Window will appear. Which contain a lot of options, use those options to choose your preferred alignment and size, title & description.

    Step 3 : Finally, click the "save" button and you will have your complete image.


    Q1. Why cant I just upload my images on an image hosting site and give the link here?

    • All well good sites host their own images, and BanglaGamer is one of them. So you must upload your images in here.
    • There is no guarantee that the image link you have given will remain active always. Images gets deleted time to time from other sites. So if your given links are somehow deleted it will be huge loss for both you and us.
    • If you just have to upload by Image hosting sites, then do so but use the "upload from URL" option to add that Image to your post.

    Q2. Why my images have been resized (before posting) when I uploaded them?

    • Don't worry, it's not resized. When uploaded it shows in a small size so that the editor/poster doesn't find any problems managing their thread/post/blog/article.
    • After you post it, the image will be just in the size you wanted it to be.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post in here.
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