• Announcing Dota 2 Premiere League

    Following the footsteps of BG D2CBL Season 4 Powered By UCC tournament which left a historic mark on the Dota scene of Bangladesh: We proudly the beginning of the Dota 2 Premiere League. This is a new initiative tournament that systemizes itself as a bidding tournament. We've surely had these types of tournaments before in the old Dota 1 days and we wish to bring it back with its excellence along with a purpose in mind.

    The reason such an intriguing tournament is being hosted are:

    1. The main one being: Back in the Dota 1 days, the community was much smaller, and we were all very close brothers and sisters. The
    Dota 2 community of this country has expanded and people hardly know each other (specially the new ones). This will help them know the renowned players personally and help them build a strong relationship with each other.

    2. Back in the Dota 1 days everyone had the opportunity to play with experienced/veteran players both online and on LAN. Not only did most of us learned playing this game by watching the veterans play firsthand, we also had the opportunity to play with them on LAN which helped us a lot. Now the newcomers often complain that they don’t get the opportunity to play with the top tier players and thus they lack a lot of knowledge.
    We believe, that we have many rising stars who just needs some guidance and they’ll do great in the future. This type of league allows new players to be acquainted with their very experienced or veteran captain. Allowing them to learn more about the game in the process and sharing a journey with them throughout the tournament.
    We wish to bring back that feeling of "unity" amongst the gamers in this league and provide the new players with more in-game knowledge and a memorable experience.

    1. Similar to previous seasons.
    2. This time each player signs up individually and will be recruited by assigned captains.

    It will obviously vary from regular tournaments and will function as a player-bidding system.
    Tier 1/Top-level Players will be selected as captains and will be set based on how many people have registered for the tournament.

    Participants will be put as auction and will start with valued base points.

    Each player will have their own pricings depending on their MMR/Level of Gameplay


    Players who participate will soon have to go through a registration form with MMR, roll/position, picture etc.

    The Captains will have a base point and he’ll have total of bidding points (including their base point) of 1000-1500

    Each will have a chance to bid for players as the bidding system goes in a circle.

    Then an auction will be held on Auroral Gaming Lounge where all the captains will be present and bid for the players they desire to keep in their team.

    The auction will be similar to the likes of professional auctions.

    Further Rules: http://banglagamer.com/go/a5354

    1. Purchase your Player Pass - https://impex.com.bd/product/bg-d2cb-league-player-pass.
    2. Submit the form.
    3. You will receive your ORDER NUMBER through email.

    Last date of registration TBA

    If you need any help, call +8801674172393

    1. Entry fee: 400 BDT
    2. Payment method bKash: Click Add to Cart > Checkout > Select bKash to get payment instructions.
      No bKash fees needed.
    3. You can also pay in person at Jamuna Future Park.
    4. No signup without payment.

    The tournament is available on DotaTV.
    Location: Dota 2 -> Watch -> Tournaments -> Amateur -> Southeast Asia -> Bangladesh Dota 2

    No steam wallet? buy from here : https://impex.com.bd/product/steam-wallet-code/

    For any questions, ask here or head over to D2CB facebook group.
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    1. Marfi's Avatar
      Marfi -
      Cant you guys show the games on twitch for free?
    1. CvP's Avatar
      CvP -
      You can¤view the games from Dota 2 client for free.
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