• Announcing BG-D2CB League Season 4

    We are pleased to announce Season 4 of BG-D2CB League. All basic rules and regulations are similar to previous seasons [ http://banglagamer.com/go/a5424 ].

    As years come and go, One tradition of ours draws closer yet again. We are once again proud to announce the upcoming Season 4 of the BanglaGamer - Dota 2 Community of Bangladesh League! We expect many to rejoin the battle and newcomers to learn and be rewarded. This is a tournament for the community and we hope see experienced veterans and shinning new stars.


    1. ** There will be allotted days for each match to be completed. Teams will have to mutually fix their match time within the allotted days and inform the admin/moderator about the timing. If they fail, the admin will fix a mandatory time on the last day and Teams failing to show up and report to the admins 10 mins prior to the game will be disqualified Strictly.
    Example: The allocated days for Round X match between Team A and Team B is 4 days.
    Both A and B require to mutually fix a time by the first 3 days of the match. If they fail, the admins will decide the match timing which shall be played on the 4th and final day of the allotted time.

    2. Teams must report on time, failure to do so will result in a FF / the team has to start with the number of players who joined the lobby on time.

    3.No coaches/ spectators are allowed in the game lobby. Only the casters, referees and the players are allowed.

    Further Rules: http://banglagamer.com/go/a5354

    1. Purchase your Team Pass [ link ].
    2. You will receive your ORDER NUMBER through email.
    3. Go to Sign up Page [ link ]
    4. Fill it up and put your ORDER NUMBER at the end.
    5. Submit the form.

    Last date of registration 30th September 2016.

    If you need any help, call +8801674172393

    1. Entry fee: 2100 BDT
    2. Payment method bKash: Click Add to Cart > Checkout > Select bKash to get payment instructions.
      No bKash fees needed.
    3. You can also pay in person at Jamuna Future Park.
    4. No signup without payment.

    The tournament is available on DotaTV.
    Location: Dota 2 -> Watch -> Tournaments -> Amateur -> Southeast Asia -> Bangladesh Dota 2

    No steam wallet? buy from here : https://impex.com.bd/product/steam-wallet-code/

    For any questions, ask here or head over to D2CB facebook group.
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    1. CvP's Avatar
      CvP -
      Tournament is now available in Dota 2.

      Location: Dota 2 -> Watch -> Tournaments -> Amateur -> Southeast Asia -> Bangladesh Dota 2
    1. alakhirnayan's Avatar
      alakhirnayan -
      torrentbd invitation needed. keu dite parbe
    1. sensei's Avatar
      sensei -
      Quote Originally Posted by alakhirnayan View Post
      torrentbd invitation needed. keu dite parbe

    1. Nirob69's Avatar
      Nirob69 -
      any possibility in future to arrange a league of legends tournament like this?
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