• ESL and NODWIN Gaming announce US$64,000 ESL India Premiership

    ESL, the world’s largest esports company, in association with NODWIN Gaming, India’s flagship esports organization, is set to present India’s first annual tournament series, the ESL India Premiership. The event will host six online cups and three mega LAN events throughout the year, while boasting a monumental prize pool of over US$64,000, which translates to more than INR 4.2 million in cash prizes.

    The ESL India Premiership is the largest tournament series organized not just in India, but in the entire South Asian region. The tournament series will present gamers the opportunity to participate as a team or an individual in online cups and win cash prizes, whilst qualifying for LAN events classified as “Challengers” and “Masters” that are organized on a world class level. At each of the two Challengers, a total prize pool of over INR 17 Lacs will be up for grabs, with the year-ending Masters finale paying out close to 20 Lacs to the champions alone.

    ESL India Premiership today opened doors for International gamers to participate in all tournaments under their banner. This not only involves the Challenger events but also the Online Starter Cups.

    "It may not be feasible for all International teams to participate given the overseas connectivity issues to different servers however we do want both the Indian and International esports community to play against each other on a time to time basis. International experience is of utmost importance for any sport and we hope this opportunity will help our gamers gain tremendous amount of experience. It will further ensure that the ESL India Premiership will raise talented esports athletes not only from India but other countries as well." said Gautam 'virkaholic' Virk - Director - NODWIN Gaming.

    ESL India Premiership will use the following servers for their different gaming tournaments.

    • CS:GO - 128 tick rate - India Server - Bangalore/Mumbai/Chennai
    • DOTA 2 - Official DOTA 2 Singapore Server
    • HearthStone - Official North Americas Server

    As such, all International teams and players who are comfortable playing on the official tournament servers can register for the respective tournament of ESL India Premiership.

    The first Online cups for CS:GO, DOTA 2 and Hearthstone start on 16th May at 6 pm.

    ESL India Premiership Tournament Page link: Click here

    Registration for the Starter Cup #1 for all three games will end on 16th May at 4 pm.

    The first match of the tournament will start on 16th May at 7 pm.

    If you miss registering for the first online cup, you can still register for the second cup from 18th May onwards. For any queries, please raise a ticket on the tournament site or email us at indiapremiership(at)nodwingaming.com.
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