• Announcing BG-D2CB League Season 2

    After a successful tournament by BanglaGamer (BG Dota 2 Championship) and another one by Dota 2 Community of Bangladesh (D2CB), now we are proud to announce BG-D2CB League (Season 2). This will be considered as the follow up of the tournament by D2CB recently. BanglaGamer will provide full support behind D2CB and will cover major events on this website.

    For the first time 50,000tk is up for grabs in a Bangladeshi League. With the new format, we hope to make it worthwhile for every participant whether you're playing your first tournament or you're already a veteran. Our purpose is to improve the scene by providing a competitive platform for all the veteran teams as well as ensure all the new comers a platform where they can play with new teams and players and develop step by step. So, this time the league will have 3 divisions!

    Prize pool

    Premier division
    1st 13,000BDT
    2nd 10,000BDT
    3rd 7,000BDT
    2nd Division
    1st 7,000BDT
    2nd 5,000BDT
    3rd 3,000BDT

    3rd Division
    1st 3,000BDT
    2nd 2,000BDT


    There will be a group stage phase where all the teams face each other, then upon the position of a team in its group they'll advance to different divisions.

    • Top-1 places will move to Division 1
    • Top 2 and 3 go to Division 2
    • Bottom 4--5 go to Division 3

    "All the division champions move to an upper division. And the bottom 2 finishers are sent to a lower division for the next season."

    Premier division teams (all 8) will get their money refunded.

    Teams that are already seeded for Division-1

    1. RedViperZ
    2. AkG
    3. CMOK
    4. YcB?


    1. ** Match times will be scheduled. However, two teams may play on another time if both the teams agree on that time; if two teams cannot agree on a time then the match will be played on default time. **
    2. Teams must report on time, failure to do so will result in a FF / the team has to start with the number of players who joined the lobby on time.
    3. No coaches/ spectators are allowed in the game lobby. Only the casters, referees and the players are allowed.

    In Game rules

    1. Game mode: Captains mode (CM)
    2. Spectators: ON
    3. No handicap.
    4. Teams on radiant get to first pick.
    5. In-case a player disconnects from the game intentionally/un-intentionally , his/her team can pause for maximum of 5minutes. All pauses by a team are added throughout the game.
    6. You cannot use any bug/ glitches; if any team is found guilty they'll be penalized.
    7. **No game can start without a referee**

    Stand ins

    1. No player may stand-in if he/she is already playing for a team in D2CBL, season 2.
    2. You are not allowed to take foreign players as stand-in unless your opponents agree.
    3. Stand-in. must use the tag 'stand-in' to show they are standing in.

    Follow this doc: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1uz8...FITAA/viewform

    Entry fee: 1530 BDT
    Payment method bKash: 01674172393
    Last day of registration: 29th September 2014
    Last day of Payment: 9th October 2014

    Tournament starts on 10th October 2014

    Before sending the entry fee, call the number first and then confirm your payment. Remember the last 4 digit of the number you sent your payment from.

    Registered Teams:

    1.Red Viperz
    2.x3v (Xan`s 3rd Vision)
    3.The Orange People (TOP)
    4.Eclipse E-Sports
    6.Sven's Avengers
    7.Dota Council
    9.The Cereal Killerss
    10.The Abusement Park
    14.StormRage United
    16.Team Zero
    17.v3nGeance Cov3nanT
    18.Android KitKat
    19.Stalk Gaming( S`G)
    20.Pacific Avenger
    21.YcB ?
    24.To Pick or Not to Pick
    26.Dhaka 5
    27.Captured Monsters Academy
    28.Xtreme Desolating Troops (XDT)
    29.For The horde
    30.Team Reshuffle
    32.CxG 2

    The tournament is available on DotaTV and you can purchase ticket from Dota 2 Store to show us your support and be eligible for in-game item drops!
    Ticket link:http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/16041
    No steam wallet? buy from here : http://impex.com.bd/product/steam-wallet-code/

    For any questions, ask here or head over to D2CB facebook group.
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    1. CvP's Avatar
      CvP -
      Tickets are available here: http://www.dota2.com/store/itemdetails/16041
    1. fahimspider's Avatar
      fahimspider -
      tournament kobe suru hobe?
    1. CvP's Avatar
      CvP -
    1. Raihan081's Avatar
      Raihan081 -
      Can we still register? Is the team cap full?
    1. HeLL]deathknight's Avatar
      HeLL]deathknight -
      Sorry for the delay Raihan, the registration was closed at 29th Sept. You can try for the next season
    1. KinG SRS's Avatar
      KinG SRS -
      I was totally unaware about this...awesome..
    1. salmanshah's Avatar
      salmanshah -
      Where can I get the tournament coverage details?
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