• How to Buy BanglaGamer Dota 2 Championship Ticket

    The upcoming BanglaGamer Dota 2 Championship tournament will require you to buy a ticket to view the matches. This also means you guys will There are a couple of ways to buy the ticket.

    Ticket Price: $0.99 or 100 BDT.

    1. Buy from Dota 2 Store if you have money in your steam wallet.
    2. Buy/trade it from some other player.
    3. Get it from Dota 2 Lounge.
    4. Visit ImpEx Computer showroom at Jamuna Future Park and buy from there.
      Required information:
      1. Your name, email, phone.
      2. Steam profile URL
      3. Enable steam trade offer in your steam profile.

      Shop Location:

      Shop: 4B-014A, Level 4, Jamuna Future Park.

      Click for larger image.

    If you want to use bKash, you can; however, keep in mind that you have to pay the fees.

    bKash payment address:
    Personal: 01911 907 178 (monthly limit crossed)
    Agent: 01766 677 889 (not receiving any more payment for tickets; use other methods).

    Please consolidate all your payments. You can leave a comment here or email [email protected] about your ticket after you have made the payment.
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    1. radeef's Avatar
      radeef -
      Will there be any spectators cosmetics drop?
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      CvP -
      Quote Originally Posted by radeef View Post
      Will there be any spectators cosmetics drop?
      Yes, absolutely.
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      CvP -
      Updated with agent number for bKash.
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      ak47 -
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