• Dota 2 Tournament Rules

    It is your responsibility to read, understand and follow the rules. Failure to do so might/will result in disqualification and/or ban from future tournaments. If you have any concerns/questions about the rules, please use the comment section of this page.

    1. Any kind of tools/hacks/cheats will result in instant disqualification.
    2. It is team captain's responsibility to ensure the team members follow the rules properly.
    3. Teams need to follow all steps described in Register Team section of the announcements.
    4. All teams need to be punctual and always keep in contact with their corresponding match referee in-case of any issues.
    5. One player can only be part of one team.
    6. A team must consist of at least 5 members. Maximum allowed number is 6.
    7. A team is allowed to use stand-ins if there is a critical issue. A stand-in must not be a member of any other team or has played a game for any other team in the tournament.
    8. Lobby settings will be:
      1. Server: Singapore
      2. Game Mode: Captains Mode
      3. Spectators: Yes
      4. Cheats: No
      5. Version: Tournament.

    9. No one except official broadcasters and admins/referees is allowed to join spectator slots.
    10. For best of one matches, sides will be determined by referee randomly (using /roll) unless the teams can agree. Drafting order is random.
    11. For best of three/five matches, sides will be alternated while referee selects side (using /roll) for last game of the series unless the teams can agree. Drafting order is random.
    12. If you need to pause the game, you should say PAUSE in all chat and then wait at least 5 seconds before you (or your team) can pause. If you do not do that and the referee feels that this pause is giving you any advantage (intended or unintended), you might get warned/disqualified. The other team is allowed to pause early for you if they prefer.
    13. A game ends when ancient is destroyed or a team forfeits or if the referee decides on it.
    14. Intentional feeding to produce more item drops is not allowed. Anyone doing so will be reported to Valve and actions will be taken against everyone responsible.
    15. BanglaGamer authority reserves full rights to make any decision including but not limited to changing the rules at any time, disqualify a team from a match or the whole tournament, reschedule matches, change fixture without giving any explanation.
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