• Telltale teases Season 2 of The Walking Dead: The Game

    Telltale Games seems to be making good use of Vine. Teasing few seconds of in-game footage of what could possibly be Season 2 of the award winning The Walking Dead: The Game. Do keep in mind that The Walking Dead: The Game writer Gary Whitta mentioned on an IGN podcast several months back that there'll be more Walking Dead before Season 2. So, this tease could either be a DLC that expands upon the story of Season 1 or could be Season 2. With E3 around the corner, we might see a teaser trailer hopefully. Let's wait & find out. Meanwhile, enjoy the Vine teaser below. Two of the teasers has been released so far titled "Day 2" and "Day 220".

    Update 6/6/2013: Another day, another Vine tease from Telltale. This one is titled "Day 184".

    Update 7/6/2013: Teaser#4 titled "Day 236" .

    Update 8/6/2013: In this particular teaser titled "Day 41". You can see "Day 400" written at the very beginning.

    Post your thoughts about the teasers below.
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