• Next-gen Kinect is coming to Windows PC

    Microsoft says it's bringing the newly unveiled next-gen Kinect to PC as well as the Xbox One. Microsoft Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment Business Ben Kilgore told Polygon the device will come to PC "at some point down the line," while Kinect Program Manager Scott Evans told Shacknews Microsoft will have "more information soon."

    The new Kinect features a 1080P HD RGB camera, 30 FPS color, Time of Flight technology, and microphone arrays. It has a greater sense of depth and field of view compared to the original Kinect, and thanks to infrared tech it can see in the dark. Microsoft showed earlier that the sensor can track two player profiles, each tied to a controller, and also demonstrated how it can estimate players' heart rates.
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    1. TaherTheRetard's Avatar
      TaherTheRetard -
      Great news!!!! pc te kinect
    1. sammi's Avatar
      sammi -
      That's nice. We can use it as a webcam and a gaming device. Hope it doesn't cost too much though. Xbox One bundled with this is 400 pounds on pre order, so just the unit will be well priced at around $60. I guess prices will be around $100 though.
    1. chosen1's Avatar
      chosen1 -
      this is expected
    1. eXsTatik's Avatar
      eXsTatik -
      Lol this pos will be as useless as the first kinect, good for people who are casual with gaming though. I just want to see more titles on the pc although the situation is much better now as we get most of the titles except some of the sony exclusives
    1. sowrdfish's Avatar
      sowrdfish -
      Good News
    1. furiousTaher's Avatar
      furiousTaher -
      good, this generation kinect games has very ridiculous gfx. hope this changes in next gen
    1. graodon's Avatar
      graodon -
      this will make pc gams more awesome
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