• AMD Radeon HD 7990 Released

    AMD has finally released the Radeon HD 7990, which was expected to release on August of 2012 to counter the GeForce GTX 690.

    However, what was seen instead were dual Radeon HD 7970 Editions, put together by various manufacturers such as PowerColor and Club3D...

    The Radeon HD 7990, released with a $999 USD price, packs 4096 Shader Processing Units (2048 per GPU), 256 TMUs (128 per GPU) and 64 ROPs (32 per GPU), on a 768-bit (368-bit per GPU) memory interface with GDDR5 memory. The central unit runs at 950MHz (1000 in Turbo Mode) and the memory clock operates at 1500MHz. It consumes up to 375W.

    I expected that Radeon HD 7990 would offer similar performance to GeForce GTX 690 and thus gamers would choose depending on which games they played, since some cards are optimised for different games.

    It seems the Radeon HD 7990 performs only very slightly better on AMD optimized games and much worse on NVIDIA optimized games, compared to the GeForce GTX 690, and worse than the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition on a couple of games, such as Hitman Absolution.

    Poor driver support? Poor Scaling? We don't know, but it's very disappointing. Why would someone pay $999 USD for a card that performs worse than the GeForce GTX 690 overall, and worse than a single Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition at times?

    Adding to that, the Radeon HD 7990 also consumes considerably more energy than GeForce GTX 690, which definitely adds extra dollars to your electricity bills each month.
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    1. Fox Mulder's Avatar
      Fox Mulder -
      Give them a year, by next year when we'll be done playing all the titles that'll come out this year, AMD will come up with a 120% performance improvement via drivers.
    1. eXsTatik's Avatar
      eXsTatik -
      LOL why do people write articles and news when they can't. YOU just made up majority of the stuff.

      384 bit per gpu not 364. :/ and dual 384bit channel does not make it 768bit, because each gpu has its own unique memory pool, the 6bg marketing and the memory widht marketing are all gimmicks it does not magically double the memory performance or double the available memory because since each of the memory buses are unique to each gpu and are not shared.

      secondly the drivers are holding it back and making it look like a stutter fest but check out the pcper review with the prototype drivers which are not even on the alpha stage, that driver improves things by a fair margin and achieves frame latencies below that of the 690 (i.e smoother than the 690) whilst achieving higher framerates.

      375W is the TDP rating, hence thermal draw power does not have any significance or whatsoever with the actual power draw, though we do get a rough idea about power consumption from TDP ratings they are not real power consumption figures.

      The card consumers 500 + watt on load. 690 consumes something around 460+ ish.
      Also don't forget that you can already kind of tweak with radeon pro to get better performance out of your cfx setup and yhes it does make a big difference though not as simple as nvidia (but mind you being a 670 sli user I have faced issues on some drivers), the thing is that dual gpu setups are not as convenient as single gpu setups hence why I really might consider going titan xD
    1. waliDJ's Avatar
      waliDJ -
      Yes you did made some of that up. There was no need to do that. Everyone knows 7990 is a phail.
    1. aayman's Avatar
      aayman -
      It's not a fail, just that its too late.
    1. Mohiuddin's Avatar
      Mohiuddin -
      @eXsTatik , i read guru3d.
      The prototype driver did significant difference in only one game still worse than 690GTX. But nvidia also has that 'frame delay' thing. But cfx is worse than sli overall.
    1. eXsTatik's Avatar
      eXsTatik -
      lol well the thing is that in sli I don't really notice 'frame delay' all that much honestly people are just fussing over this issue, crossfire is a stutterry mess right now but Im sure with the improved frame latencies in the prototype drivers we can expect good improvements from the upcoming driver.
    1. Ahnaf_i7X's Avatar
      Ahnaf_i7X -
      I didnt write the article on my own -_- I just copy pasted it from another site
    1. Sybaris Caesar's Avatar
      Sybaris Caesar -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ahnaf_i7X View Post
      I didnt write the article on my own -_- I just copy pasted it from another site
      Awww then you shouldn't write articles mate. roam the news section if you ain't the authentic writer and remember to post the source. don't get offended. just my 2 cents.
    1. Ahnaf_i7X's Avatar
      Ahnaf_i7X -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dunia_r_JAURA View Post
      Awww then you shouldn't write articles mate. roam the news section if you ain't the authentic writer and remember to post the source. don't get offended. just my 2 cents.
      Ok thanks for the advice.
    1. Prarthik's Avatar
      Prarthik -
      Its really powerful and to HD 7990 all the Nvidia graphics card is NOTHING!!!

      - - - Updated - - -

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      mamun crank -
    1. Trave160's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by mamun crank View Post
      Don't revive dead threads, look at the date
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