• Darksiders IP bought by Nordic Games, Crytek USA still interested to reacquire it

    At the THQ IP auction held yesterday, Nordic Games took the Darksiders, Red Faction, and MX vs. ATV franchises for $4.9 million. Even though Crytek USA wanted to acquire this IP, Nordic Games was the only bidder in the auction. Now they are keen to take the Darksiders series to further ahead, continuing the legacy of the series from Vigil Games.

    Shortly after the acquisition, Nordic Games opened up a thread on their forums requesting feedback on what players liked and disliked about the series so far, suggesting that they would eventually want to continue the franchise, and not just sit on it.

    The tale of the four horsemen has not been told to an end. So far we only know the story of War and Death but what about the other two? How will it go on?

    What did you enjoy most about Darksiders and Darksiders II? What did you absolutely dislike? What kind of Darksiders game do you wish should be created next?

    Please let us know!

    But that's not all. Ex Vigil Games developers are joined in a new formed studio Crytek USA earlier this year. Ryan Stefanelli, Lead Level Designer on Darksiders1 and Darksiders 2 have posted in the thread offering advice to Nordic, and also making an offer to continue the series should Nordic decide they don't want to proceed with it. He posted:

    As one of the co-founders of Vigil and the lead level designer/principal designer on both games, all I can say is... make it adventurous.

    And do what we would've done: let people know what happens when those other three comets land on Earth! Four player co-op or bust!

    Good luck to you guys. You've adopted our baby.

    Ryan Stefanelli (now @Crytek)

    In a response to that, Nordic Games replied:

    Naturally we dont have any sure plans for the future of the series as we dont even have a development team.
    So for now we will be analysing the situation and try to figure out whats the best option.

    One thing is sure: The tale of the four horsemen is not over!

    Ben Cureton, Lead Combat Designer of Darksider 1 & 2

    If you actually ever go forward with the Darksiders franchise, be sure to focus on the things that made DS and DS2 cool. Things like... that feeling of adventure (that Ryan mentioned), the fast-paced combat, the sense of scale, quality voice acting, and don't forget that Strife and Fury need to be BADASS... whatever you do, don't forget to crank the BADASS meter up to 11. If you are ever in doubt of what to do... just add more skulls!

    Oh yeah... it has to be 4 player. It's a must!

    That being said, if you decide you don't want to continue making games for the series, let me know. We'd be more than happy to take the IP off your hands. In fact, you can even have all of the money that DS1 and DS2 continue to generate! =)

    ben cureton (now @crytek also)

    Speaking exclusively with Eurogamer today in a phone interview, Nordic Games Group owner and CEO Lars Wingefors said the company had no intention of developing Darksiders 3 itself. Instead, it wants a studio with a proven track record to do it. He said:

    We are not a developer. We should not create a sequel. We need to find the best creative team to look into a sequel. We will look into various options to make sequels.

    Without saying we have been in contact with Crytek USA, I'd love to do something with them if we can find the right set-up. If they can prove they can make a worthwhile sequel, why shouldn't we talk?

    I have a great respect for those guys. They made very good games. But I'm sure they have a full agenda. Making games takes time.

    They (Crytek USA) are the best-suited people in the world to make a sequel, that I'm aware of. But if someone else has a better set-up, they should step forward. We take one day at a time. I'm sure we'll get the chance to speak.

    Most important for me is that we find the right set-up and people. There is no market for a Metacritic 60 game. You need to be 80 plus or even better, 90, to make it commercially viable.

    While its not certain who will be developing the Darksiders 3, one thing is sure, that there will be a Darksiders 3 in some time.
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      Quote Originally Posted by graodon View Post

      Congrats. :thumbs up:
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      CryTek can always make CrySiders
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      Some of you are mistaking it every time. Crytek USA isn't Crytek developed Crysis. Crytek USA = Vigil Games since the Vigil Games devs moved to that new studio called Crytek USA.
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      Crytek in germany was the one who developed the main games for crytek iirc.
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