• Bioshock: Infinite - Review round-up

    As expected, IGN released first exclusive review for BioShock Infinite. The game received 9.4 for Console versions and 9.5 from PC. Here's the reviews for BioShock Infinite [updated coming up as soon as they released.

    • IGN - 9.4 (console), 9.5 (PC) [Video Review: Console, PC]
      • +Rich, satisfying story
      • +Luscious art direction
      • +Myriad combat options
      • +Elizabeth matters to both story and gameplay
      • – Feels a bit padded in the middle

    • GameStar Germany - 90/100
      • Graphic: 9
      • Sound: 10
      • Balance: 6
      • Atomsphere: 10
      • Level Design: 8
      • Extras: 10
      • Action: 10
      • AI: 8
      • Controls: 10
      • Length : 9

    • Game Informer – 10/10
    • Eurogamer - 10/10
      • Most of all, though, you'll be amazed that Elizabeth works. To begin with, you imagine she will be someone who tags along behind you as you plunder Columbia for loot and scraps of bonus narrative, but her AI is such that you often find her running in front of you, anticipating where you want to go. It's a great trick, but it's also symbolic, because by the end of the game you realise that you are not the main character in any real sense. She is. She always has been. She always will be. It's her journey. You're just along for the ride. Still: what a ride.

    • Destructoid – 10/10
    • Polygon - 10/10
      • I'm still thinking about BioShock Infinite now, days after finishing. Irrational built a believable, fantastic world rooted in dark pieces of American history. But for everything it has to say, for all the questions it asks —many of which have no easy answers — BioShock Infinite's big thoughts and complicated narrative don't obscure the brilliant action game that carries those messages through. It's hard to know if Infinite will prove to be another major point of artistic discussion and development of the medium the way that BioShock was. But in every way, BioShock Infinite lives up to the promise of its legacy, and it looks poised to establish a new one.

    • HardGame2 – 10/10
    • AusGamers – 10/10
    • Gamer.no (Norwegian) – 10/10
    • GIGA – 10/10
    • Zing.cz – 10/10
    • Rev3Games - 5/5
    • Joystiq – 5/5
      • While the end of 2013 will be filled with talk about a new generation of video games, BioShock Infinite's narrative will stand out as an achievement, helping put a cap on a generation that propelled narrative as a focus for the industry. Undoubtedly the finest game crafted by Irrational Games, BioShock Infinite is one of the best told stories of this generation. It simply cannot be missed.

    • Digital Spy – 5/5
    • El33tonline – 5/5
    • Lazygamer.net – 96/100
    • GameTrailers – 9.4/10
    • NAG Online – 94/100
    • CVG – 9.1/10
      • Sky-high with character, conspiracy, controversy and chaos. A great all-round shooter, even if it doesn't innovate as much as expected.

    • PC Gamer – 91/100
    • Godisageek – 9/10
    • Gamespot 9/10 [Video Review]
    • OXM – 9/10
    • EDGE - 9/10
      • BioShock Infinite is a sequel, in short – more so than BioShock 2. Irrational has made a game in thematic dialogue with its predecessor, with the same interests but different tastes, and one that expands mechanically and technically on what came before. And it’s given us a city in the sky that reflects upon the one beneath the waves.

    • Gamesvillage – 8.7/10
    • Nave360 – 8/10
    • RPS – no score
    • Shopto – no score
    • More coming soon
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