• Ashes Cricket 2013 slated for June 21 release

    505 Games, developer of Ashes Cricket 2013 announced the release date for the game. The game is coming out on June 21, 2013 on PC, PS3, XBOX360 and Wii U.

    The announcement came via the official Twitter account of Ashesh Cricket 2013.

    According to the developer posted on official forum:
    ASHES CRICKET 2013 includes a brand new game engine creating a truly authentic gaming experience. Batsmen have 360 degree control over shot placement, requiring impeccable placement and timing to build an innings. A new line and length bowling system gives bowlers the tools to set plans for batsmen throughout a day’s play and players have complete freedom to set a field of their choice. For those who prefer to be led however, there are options for intelligent automatic field placement.

    Players will have to adapt to varying and altering pitches; whether it’s a green seaming wicket or deteriorating fifth day pitch susceptible to spin and bounce. Weather forecasts will also change, altering the course of the match; overcast conditions will be more conducive to swing, while sunny days are a batsman’s paradise.

    Connoisseurs of the game will be able to play the complete 2013 Investec Ashes Series, with official England and Australia teams, however those more interested in the short form of the game can take on the rest of the world in limited overs tournaments and leagues.

    Are you awaiting for this release of a cricket game after a while?
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    1. sensei's Avatar
      sensei -
      Specification kamon hobe?
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      They didn't announce it yet. But judging by the Cricket games, it shouldn't be that high.
    1. DarkFire's Avatar
      DarkFire -
      well, let's hope that, this game won't be like ashes cricket 209 or international cricket 2010, cricket 2007 and brian lara 2007 was the best cricket games i've ever played!
    1. cool.dx.rip's Avatar
      cool.dx.rip -
      amar mone hoy 2005 er cricket er moto ato hard cricket game jibone kheli nai
    1. mr_08's Avatar
      mr_08 -
      im a reguthilar follower of planetcricket forums and whatever i've read their over the past two months is that the games going to be quite good.
    1. maheer.dhruba's Avatar
      maheer.dhruba -
      ebar graphics ta valo dilei hoe...
      previous shob game er moddhe player der ulta palta name r cheharar cutting deikha mejaj kharap hoe gesilo..
    1. chosen1's Avatar
      chosen1 -
      team gular licence kora na thaakle naam to ulta palta thaakbey...

      but I will not play any cricket game anymore...ekta shomoy cricket 2007 pc te 2 ta controller lagay bohut khelsi with frnds..
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