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    Crysis 3 Review
    Version: Single Player Campaign only
    Difficulty Mode: Veteran
    Time Taken to finish: 7 hours 9 minutes (Well the game can be finished less than 5 hours, my play-time took this much of hours just because I took the Stealth approach in 70% of the game and most of those time I use the Predator Bow).

    Crytek producer Cevat Yerlie said that Crysis 3 is their masterpiece. Is that really? Lets find that out in my short review.

    The Good
    • Graphics is stunning, definitely the best looking game so far.
    • The game optimization is very good once more. With all the lowest setting, the graphics still offers great visual and constant 25-30 FPS.
    • Gameplay is very good and satisfying, specially stealth approach is very satisfying with
    • the use of Predator Bow. This is probably the best addition of the game.
    • Weapons choice are very good. All the weapons are satisfying to use and weapon
    • customization is very good too.
    • A new gameplay element 'hacking' is amazing addition to the game and very fun to use.
    • Some open levels to explore.
    • Level designing in later part of the game is really amazing.
    • Control is very smooth and flexible.
    • Soundtrack is quite good. I thought they can't make a better soundtrack than what Hans
    • Zimmer did in Crysis 2.
    • Good to see some characters returning and gameplay tease from previous games.

    The Bad

    • Very poor story and script writing.
    • The presentation of the game is not good either.
    • No 'Reload from last checkpoint' option.
    • A lack of new ideas. The first two Crysis game done a better job than this.
    • Enemy AI isn't good, Alien enemies have worse AI.
    • The campaign is too short.

    The Verdict

    For months Crytek promoted the game with a video series called '7 wonders of Crysis 3'. And for some odd reason, they shows 6 wonders keeping one wonder left to show. Well I can add that wonder and that is how on Earth a huge budgeted AAA titles like this can't get a good story writer and plot? And when other games are doing a great presentation of this genre, how Crytek don't know how to do it?

    Anyway, in overall, Crysis 3 is a graphics masterpiece. And for this graphics part and satisfying stealth mechanics with Bow, Crysis 3 is worth giving a try.

    My Review Scores:

    • Gameplay: 8.8/10
    • Graphics: 9.9/10
    • Plot/Story: 5.5/10
    • Audio/Music: 8.5/10
    • Presentation: 6.5/10
    • Lasting Appeal: 7.0/10
    • Overall: 7.7/10

    Crysis 3 in screens:

    Stunning visuals of Crysis 3

    Predator Bow, probably the best thing of the game, utterly satisfying weapon

    Weapons customization is very good and comes in handy

    RIP Statue of Liberty

    Nanosuit customization menu, sometimes very useful

    With the new Nanosuit, you can now monitor enemy routes

    The all new hacking tool, great fun to turn the turrets against the enemy

    Yeah, do that right Aliens, bow down to the Prophet

    Even the boss battles are quite easy with games not good AI

    Good-bye Prophet for now, see you in Crysis 4.

    Crysis 3 in video:

    Moving Grass Animation in Crysis 3

    Moving Fire Animation in Crysis 3

    [Note: All the screens and video was captured by me with the use of Fraps]
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    1. Ahnaf_i7X's Avatar
      Ahnaf_i7X -
      Cool review!
    1. Nirzhar Uchiha's Avatar
      Nirzhar Uchiha -
      Great review as always
    1. giant's Avatar
      giant -
      Content blocked by operator!!
    1. Trave160's Avatar
      Trave160 -
      Too Good
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      Thanks everyone.

      Quote Originally Posted by giant View Post
      Content blocked by operator!!
      Yeah I see that message when browsing from Mobile.
    1. eXsTatik's Avatar
      eXsTatik -
      Lol tell me any title that has anything new even if they are AAA titles, when bland games come to mind you think of activision and their call of poopy series. Anyhow that aside the thing is the story was horrible but the presentation was good though, it was still pretty well done despite the fact how ¤¤¤¤ed up they made the story in C2, C1 was a masterpiece, c2 was meh at best and c3 is pretty good. Could have been better if they did decide to ditch the new York plot and all because if you guys do remember in c1 they head back to the island to face the aliens and they also never showed what happened to the daughter of doctor Rosenthol. In c2 they mention that the nanosuit was built using alien technology and that the suit morphs the user with alien traits but that still does not explain how in the world in c1 did the Koreans have nanosuits, not to mention the fact that they made badass charecters like psycho a big saggy pussy. FFS.
    1. Fox Mulder's Avatar
      Fox Mulder -
      Read the Crysis Comics @eXsTatik , Rosenthal's daughter died, nomad died too.
    1. muscle's Avatar
      muscle -
      I am playing the game right now, expected less as crysis 2 was from one of the boring game of all time.......... But this one is much better than C2. Even on console the graphics is really impressive, unlike C2. I think they got more mature with console that's why they could with the same graphics engine make this one better than the last one.
    1. eXsTatik's Avatar
      eXsTatik -
      Wait aren't the crisis comics based on the games, the story had more potential if it was put together nicely, suddenly switching back to new York makes it look very scrambled. Well itd still say crisis 1 has the best trees and water ! I know its very old but the water and trees were amazing in that game not to mention the gameplay style of crisis 1 was more to my preference it was a bit more open ended.
    1. TAHMID's Avatar
      TAHMID -
      Shob e to thik silo...story ta valo hoile jomto game ta....B/

      - - - Updated - - -

      Shob e to thik silo...story ta valo hoile jomto game ta....B/

      - - - Updated - - -

      Shob e to thik silo...story ta valo hoile jomto game ta....B/
    1. waliDJ's Avatar
      waliDJ -
      Enjoyed it a lot. Will certainly wait for crysis 4 with a fresh story
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      Quote Originally Posted by waliDJ View Post
      Enjoyed it a lot. Will certainly wait for crysis 4 with a fresh story
      Me too. Hopefully they will put a good story next time and go open world.
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