• Metro: Last Light gets a release date

    Deep Silver has announced a new Metro: Last Light release date of May 14, 2013 in Northern and Latin America and May 17 across Europe.

    4A Games is still developing the game. The game was previously scheduled for release in March 2013 under former publisher THQ.

    The long awaited first person shooter is scheduled for release on PC, PS3 & XBOX360.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Overlord View Post
      Yeah, tomar avatar ta or nijer chehara dekhte pelo abar.
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      More better cause in shal allah after June exams new PC is coming for me
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      Hope this gets better optimizations...
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      This is going to be an amazing game, really loved the first one, so I don't expect anything less from them, these guys even worked on stalker, even that game was amazing to me
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      This game is on my radar for a lllooong tym !..I love FPS games with Science fiction setting
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      And some people call me spammer. *Le Huge Sigh*
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      Awesome. Hope they don't push back date anymore.
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      dont mind my language.. but hell phucking yeah!!
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