• Tomb Raider PC graphics features not fully uncovered yet

    Tomb Raider PC graphics to allow more than what has been revealed so far according to Nixxes, the team who ported the game for PC. In last night's Q&A session for the first time, Nixxes hinted few promising stuffs yet to reveal for PC.

    In an answer, Nixxes developer Jurjen Katsman said that there will be higher settings than Recommended specs. He said:
    The recommended spec certainly does not allow you to max out the game. The highest quality settings require a lot more power.

    And on latest AMD's TressFX technology, he commented:
    That does look pretty interesting doesn't it? More on that tomorrow
    Which means they probably has something to show tonight.

    He also confirmed whoever max out Hitman: Absolution, might not be able to do it on Tomb Raider.
    We're doing quite a few things that I think are very cool in Tomb Raider, and because of that you may not be able to max it completely, but if Hitman worked well I expect Tomb Raider to run well apart from perhaps the most high-end features.

    Also the textures supposed to be high resolution and something they they have never done before:
    We are offering very high resolution textures on the PC build, much higher than anything we have ever done on PC before. For most textures we have 16 times the data compared to consoles.

    Nixxes also did the PS3 port of Tomb Raider, but there's not enough differences between XBOX360 and PS3. Tomb Raider is
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