• Osiris is next new IP from UBISOFT Montreal?

    A new IP or codename of a title surfaced the internet which titled as 'Osiris'. This could be a complete new IP from UBISOFT Montreal or might be a Prince of Persia title with a codename 'Osiris'.

    In last June near E3, three images surfaces on the net which tells a title working by UBISOFT which still isn't announced by UBISOFT. Yesterday, a NeoGaf user found out a “rough-cut demo” for “Ubisoft’s Osiris” which was posted on Vimeo about five months ago. The video looks like matching those three screens leaked earlier. You can check the video by clicking here.

    There was also a working title's screen leaked last year which shows a writing named 'PoP Zero 2' at the bottom of that screenshot. It looks like everything is fitting together. They have turned PoP Zero 2 into Osiris. This was the rumored God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus game. Also this makes even more sense as Jordan Mechner has said that was not PoP.

    Is it a Prince of Persia title or a new IP named Osiris, we can only wait for the answer.
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      Single Player -
      UBI is bringing some new IP. Really needed that to get relief of some old IP like PoP.
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