• Valve's Steambox to reveal in 2013 & its reported to be Linux based

    Its been quite some time that speculation of Valve's 'Steambox' might be a console. Gabe Newell confirmed a while ago that Valve's future is in the hand of its future console release. Newell also doesn't care for Windows 8.

    Fan art of Valve's SteamBox

    According to German IT news site Golem [Google translate version], Valve engineer Ben Krasnow attended SSIM 2013 which was held in December and there confirmed that the company has a console-like piece of hardware in the works. He also reported that Valve is working on secret project for the console.

    Rumor has it that the console will be revealed at GDC this year. It could possible that Valve releases Steambox with exclusive games like Half Life 3, Portal 3 & Left 4 Dead 3.
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    1. aayman's Avatar
      aayman -
      I'd say its at most a threat to the Wii U I just don't see how they can pull this off without Windows. Linux is great and all but on the gaming side of things... They'll port their own games and they'll definitely have a lot of Indie games (which is why I think it'll eat into Wii's share) but don't see it taking off for full fledged games, at least not yet.
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      How that be a threat to Wii U? I thought it more of a threat to PC Steam!
    1. aayman's Avatar
      aayman -
      Because Wii is more catered to the casual gamers, just like Indie games. PC steam won't be affected cause the games won't be the same, and the catalog on the PC steam will always have more titles.
    1. CvP's Avatar
      CvP -
      This thing is between PC and console.

      If you are a PC gamer, this is a downgrade (who wants a crippled PC)

      If you are a console gamer, this a downgrade (in terms of usability, library etc).
    1. rashik's Avatar
      rashik -
      I think this is a rocking news for us
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