• GTA V releasing March 26, 2013

    Amazon.com has posted a release date for Grand Theft Auto V on their GTA V page for PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

    Can Grand Theft Auto V hold this release date? Last few games were dated for one particular date but later delayed.

    • GTA IV was first dated for Oct 2007, but later got pushed to April 29th 2008.
    • Red Dead Redemption was first dated for April 2010, but later got pushed to May 18th 2010.
    • LA Noire was dated for Q1 2011 but later released on May 17th 2011.
    • Max Payne 3 was first dated March 2012 but later released on May 15th 2012.

    BioShock Infinite also scheduled for March 26, 2013 release.

    Rockstar haven't confirmed any release date yet beside their previous confirmation of Spring 2013 release on PS3 & XBOX 360. No PC version have been confirmed yet.
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