• Destiny Concept Art Released

    Halo maker Bungie have released an official concept art from their upcoming game, rumored to be titled Destiny.

    The screenshot, posted on Bungie's official site, came as a response to a leaked marketing document reportedly provided to IGN by a reader, which outed story details and concept art from the upcoming game.

    According to IGN, Bungie has confirmed the document was prepared by an advertising agency and that it provides authentic details surrounding the game's plot.

    "We weren't quite ready, but we will be soon, and we canít wait to finally show you what we've really been up to," Bungie wrote on its official site. "Stick around, we havenít even started yet."

    The leaked document describes Destiny as a "fun and accessible" game with a "deep, tangible and relatable" universe that is compared to the Star Wars franchise. The game is also described as "social at its core".

    A Bungie spokesperson commented on the leaked document, telling IGN: "We're not quite ready to take the wraps off our next universe, but in light of recent events we thought we'd give fans something a little more official over at Bungie.net. Feel free to drop by and say hello! Thereís much more to come."

    According to the document, Destiny's plot revolves around an alien ship bent on destroying Earth and the "knights" tasked with defending what's left of humanity. The document also shows images bearing the Destiny logo along with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 icons and the URL Destiny.com (currently password-protected).

    Destiny is Bungie's first project as part of a 10-year publishing deal with Call of Duty company Activision. Legal documents from May suggested that the game will be released for the Xbox 360 in 2013, with a 2014 release slated for the PlayStation 3.
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    1. S_F.darkzone's Avatar
      S_F.darkzone -
      well the tank thingy looks good and they did make halo,so....I am in!
    1. MDK's Avatar
      MDK -
      I think it will be better than halo. but the characters look slightly like the helghast from Killzone.
    1. Raihan081's Avatar
      Raihan081 -
      Quote Originally Posted by MDK View Post
      I think it will be better than halo. but the characters look slightly like the helghast from Killzone.
      and there you are wrong. both will be great on their own.

      - - - Updated - - -


      geez expected to release on PS3 and Xbox 360. PC?
    1. asif105878's Avatar
      asif105878 -
      It will first release on XBOX and later in PS3 and PC 'in years'
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