• Hitman 6 First Concept Art surfaced

    In a post on the Square Enix Montreal's website detailing its recent presence at the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS), the studio published a number of pictures offering a look at the company and its work.

    Art director Rasmus Poulsen and senior concept artist Leonid Enyne made those concept arts appearing to be from next Hitman title.

    You can check those concept art below:

    Hitman 6 was confirmed in development by Square Enix Montreal earlier last week.
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    1. codename5302's Avatar
      codename5302 -
      i think this is the reason they have slowed down thief development.
    1. Trave160's Avatar
      Trave160 -
      Hitman's gotta take a big break for at least 3 years after Thief 4 is released.
    1. codename5302's Avatar
      codename5302 -
      ufff!!! great relief!!! se montreal is not eidos montreal!!!!
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      Quote Originally Posted by codename5302 View Post
      ufff!!! great relief!!! se montreal is not eidos montreal!!!!
      No its new studio. Hopefully Theif 4 development is going very well in Eidos Montreal as well as Deus Ex 4.
    1. Raihan081's Avatar
      Raihan081 -
      the first pic looks superb.
    1. Danteleon's Avatar
      Danteleon -
      disguise system ta hitman 1-4 er mto korle vlo hoe..
      r weapon system o ager mto+purchaseable kora drkr.. syringe o ager mto dewa drkr
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