• New information on Tomb Raider surface

    Crystal Dynamics has released a new podcast on Tomb Raider on their official blog. The podcast emphasized heavily on recent box-art reveal for Tomb Raider and few pre-order incentives issue.

    The first part of the podcast was about the recent box-art reveal for Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider senior art director Brian Horton detailed the meaning of the box-art image. He said:

    We knew that we had to have the bow. It’s something that we decided early on. This was going to be our iconic new weapon. The bow was in there. We had the climbing axe on her, strapped to her side. We had the pistol in there as well. As far as a weaponry loadout, we wanted to have that combination of those things. Those are the things we knew were important. But what’s more important than her loadout was the overall pose and attitude. That had to be correct. We wanted something that was stoic, but it wasn’t stiff. There’s still a little break in her gait. She’s not completely straight up and down, like classic Lara Croft with the arms out. She’s got the one arm clutching the wound. That’s another thing that sort of… It looks and feels like the tourniquet. When you look at that, it has the same feel as the tourniquet image. But if you look at it, she’s not grimacing in pain. She’s steeled. She’s ready.

    At this point, this is a wound. She’s human. But she’s already looking ahead. She’s already planning. “Alright, I’m gonna take on whatever is in front of me. This is nothing compared to what I have to deal with.” All those ingredients together, and then the context of the cave and the shipwrecked beach… Those are all ingredients that metaphorically tie to the island itself, a representation of the island, but also the mental state that she’s in. There’s a light out there, but she’s surrounded by this darkness. That was all very conscious stuff. It’s subliminal, and it is a depiction of a person in a cave with a shipwrecked beach… But it also has that feeling of oppressiveness around her. Yet there’s that one light behind her. She’s the darker figure against the light. All those ingredients, to me, speak to that story. That emotion.

    There were some other information revealed on the podcast too. Here's some of the key feature revealed:

    • Players can upgrade dirty tricks for use in melee combat. For example: Lara can throw dirt to enemies.
    • Player's can change Lara's outfit any time in the game if they have the collector's edition.
    • There will be plenty of cool things like secrets to unlock.
    • There will be different moods when re-exploring an area. When players will re-explore past areas with new tools in the game, they will see some scavengers returned to that area to do different things with acknowledging Lara's recent activity on the island.
    • Weather system will be blend in the game. It’s not dynamic in the sense that it’ll turn from day to night in front of your eyes. The story is tailored to be driven around the thematic of the situation Lara’s in and the nighttime or daytime, whatever it may be. As you use fast travel, you will land back in that space at the same time and day state as you had last.
    • Tomb Raider will use Valve's steamworks. And the game expected to be available for pre-loading on Steam 72 hours before the release.
    • Tomb Raider PC will have high-resolution textures.
    • Crystal Dynamics partnering with AMD to feature best optimization for Tomb Raider on AMD graphics card.
    • System Requirements for PC will be announced a few weeks prior to the release to ensure the requirement is as accurate as possible.
    • Comparison screenshots of PC, PS3 and XBOX360 will be revealed in early New Year.
    • The composer of Tomb Raider will be revealed in a week or two alongside the full soundtrack details. The composer will be featured on The Final Hours #3 as promised before.
    • Both North America and South America will have digital downloads only for PC version.
    • There will be 70 different versions of Tomb Raider available around the world.

    Tomb Raider is scheduled for March 5, 2013 release on PC, PS3 and XBOX360.
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    1. Single Player's Avatar
      Single Player -
      Mouth watering news!
      Box-art er concept ta khubi valo lagse.I hope NPP or ITNEXT wont ruin the cover by appying their creativity(matbori).Finger crossed.
    1. prinzmahfuz's Avatar
      prinzmahfuz -
      i want this game on ma pc.. bt cant
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      Quote Originally Posted by prinzmahfuz View Post
      i want this game on ma pc.. bt cant
      Why not? The game is coming in March 05, 2013. Still lots of time. System requirement will be similar to Hitman: Absolution/Sleeping Dogs.
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