• Dreamfall: Chapters New Information Revealed

    Dreamfall: Chapters is the latest title from The Longest Journey series and was officially announced last week. Ragnar Tornquist, the creator of The Longest Journey, is still in charge and he'll make the game at his new studio Red Thread Games.

    According to Eurogamer, Dreamfall: Chapters will be a Single Player adventure game but this time it will not be a point and click game. The game will only be released on PC and Mac.

    Here are some of the bullet points from the Eurogamer article:
    • Dreamfall Chapters will seek funding from you via Kickstarter soon.
    • Dreamfall Chapters will be an offline, single-player game.
    • Dreamfall Chapters will be a PC and Mac game.
    • Dreamfall Chapters won't be a point-and-click game.
    • Dreamfall Chapters won't have combat.
    • Dreamfall Chapters won't be episodic.
    • Dreamfall Chapters won't take longer than two years to make.
    • Ragnar Tornquist doesn't want to make any more MMOs.
    • Ragnar Tornquist will gradually stop working on The Secret World.

    No release date for Dreamfall: Chapters has been announced yet.
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