• Hitman: Absolution Gets 62% Review Score from PC Gamer

    According to Gameranx, the Christmas 2012 issue of PC Gamer contains a review of Hitman: Absolution by Tom Francis who did say some negative comment about Hitman: Absolution PC with a very average score.

    The review sub-titled as "Hitman: Absolution is a mess. The police do not expect Blood Money is involved" with a 62 out of 100 score.

    The PC Gamer review criticize Hitman: Absolution for its art style and overuse of bloom, poor story, small levels, pointless objectives (e.g. open a door), no saves, bad AI. The review also points out that many of the assassinations you perform in Absolutions are pre-determined cutscenes in which Agent 47 fails to kill his target. And the game will encourages you to kill guards and sentries unlike previous Hitman games, which emphasized stealth over all else.

    Moreover, the review notes that the PC port of the game was done so poorly that the game even tells you to "gently" press your mouse button, as if it were the same as an X360 controller. In addition, the performance of the game was sub-par on PC Gamer's machines (not sure about its configuration, but it should be high enough), running at a sluggish 15~ FPS.

    The verdict of that review reads "A passable stealth game, but one that betrays almost everything that, until now, has made Hitman great."

    The first review score of Hitman: Absolution was 9/10 from both OPM and OXM.

    Hitman: Absolution is scheduled for November 20, 2012 release on PC, PS3 and XBOX360.

    Via, Gameranx
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    1. GalibZ's Avatar
      GalibZ -
      this is really really sad .... PC Gamer to kono valo game ke shohoje 90% er niche dey na ...
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      ^ Yeah. This make my anticipation for the game lower.

      Some of the review score from PC Gamer in last half of 2012:
      Dishonored 92/100
      XCOM: Enemy Unknown 87/100
      Need For Speed: Most Wanted 85/100
      FIFA 13 - 86/100
      Mark of the Ninja 90/100
      Borderlands 2 - 90/100
      Medal of Honor: Warfighter - 35/100
    1. TAHMID's Avatar
      TAHMID -
      I knew it from the moment i saw the first trailer that they would mess this one up...
      Max Payne gelo...ekhn Hitman o ei poth dhorse...:/
    1. Ahnaf_i7X's Avatar
      Ahnaf_i7X -
      I will still be playing Hitman:Absolution no matter how bad it is going to be, so sad
    1. anik_lc's Avatar
      anik_lc -
      Absolution already gets 9/10 from OPM and OXM. The only thing I fear most is bad optimization for PC. And PC Gamer said FPS drops to 15 or below which sounds very bad.
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