• GTA V Protagonist Is An 'East Coast Gangster' - Report

    Grand Theft Auto 5's protagonist is a retired East Coast gangster, a new report suggests. The UK gaming magazine ShortList have a feature about GTA V which suggests this information.

    According to that report, that unnamed character has moved to Los Santos (the game's take on Los Angeles) seeking a fresh start. The report also suggests that the character is (unsurprisingly) drawn back into the world of Mafia - allowing players to merrily run around and blow things up.

    The information tallies with the voice-over from last year's reveal trailer. "I wanted to retire from what I was doing, that line of work. Be a good guy for once, a family man," the character stated. "But you know how it is..."

    Meanwhile, another separate report suggests GTA: San Andreas character Mark "B-Dup" Wayne will re-appear.

    Grand Theft Auto V will be revealed as GameInformer cover tonight at 10:00PM Bangladesh Standard Time. Digital issue will be unveiled throughout the internet at 05:00AM BST tomorrow.

    Thanks Eurogamer
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