• Restrictions on the free-to-play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Anyone that is planning on picking up the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic once it goes free-to-play might be sad to hear things aren’t as free as you might have hoped. In this wonderful chart from BioWare, you can see that players will have limited access to numerous features. Flashpoints, Warzones, and Space Missions have weekly caps which can be bypassed through purchasing a weekly pass. Inventory and cargo holds storage capacity will also be limited, along with the number of field revivals players are allotted.

    Subscribers on the other hand will see a benefit with the Cartel Coin system coming into play.
    “The Complimentary Cartel Coins you will receive can be used to acquire must-have pets, vehicles, [and] XP boosts.”
    Also, users who make any purchase will gain the bonus features (like a faster Sprint), should you happen to want a little something without a full subscription. Free-to-play seems to be fairly light on features, but who can complain when it won’t cost you a dime, this November.

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