• [Spoiler] New details of Assassin's Creed 3 and Liberation revealed

    Journalists publication GameInformer recently tested early versions of the most anticipated games of the Assassins, and in the November issue of the journal revealed many hidden by Ubisoft facts.

    Warning, possible spoilers!

    Assassin's Creed 3
    • Connor lives near Davenport (MA), in a house owned by his mentor, Achilles, the old assassin, who took the main character in the Order.
    • Side Mission Estates scattered across its vast territory.
    • Each character that joins Barton Connor has its own "inaugural mission." Completing it, the player gets access to work skills and character.
    • After completing certain missions or tasks at Barton Connor appear memorable figures / statues.
    • Weapons and equipment Connor kept in a secret room under the mansion (which is opened by pressing the lever in the form of candles).
    • Also adjacent to the house is a small port where the ship is moored Aquila.

    • The improved system of tunnels extends at Boston and New York.
    • The tunnels were created by the Masons and their release is necessary to solve a particular puzzle (break code, a riddle with the use of light and shadow, and so on).
    • If a player successfully cope with the puzzles, then from that point on he will use the tunnel for fast travel to locations.

    Pirates, ships and treasures.
    • New Marine gameplay element Assassin's Creed 3 offers players three main components.
    • First - are by pirate mission. They usually involve the destruction of the ships.Performing pirate missions can establish control over an area of ​​the sea.
    • The second is connected with the story line and the Templars Nicholas Biddle , the famous naval officer.
    • Three focuses on a secret treasure. Hidden throughout the game world, boxes contain special trinkets that Connor can exchange the assistant kapitaana Aquila, a man named Foot (Pegleg), to the letters. These letters tell of the famous pirate Captain Kidd and reveal the location of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean, in which the hidden pieces of a treasure map. After collecting all six fragments card, you can then get the main prize.

    • Most of the missions in the game includes several additional tasks. At the end of the mission, the player will receive points synchronization.
    • In the pause menu DNA counter shows how many points a player has earned synchronization.
    • Gaining points synchronization, the player gains access to additional artam or skins Connor.

    New Brotherhood.
    • Recruitment of new members of the Brotherhood begins with a mission to set free, which should help the future Connor Assassins in a difficult situation.
    • Each of the six possible recruits has its own unique set of skills and additional missions, after which the character becomes very loyal Connor.
    • When Assassins join the team, Connor becomes available "Wheel of Assassins" (a special menu that is similar to the choice of weapons), in which the player can assign a particular action on the call key Assassins, for example, to raise a rebellion, uniformed British and provide support, guard the goal and so on.
    • Leveling recruits, as before, each time they are called. Pause the game, the player can view the map of the eastern coast and send assassins to execute contracts that will bring money, resources and experience.

    • Throughout the game world, scattered pages of one of the famous almanac Benjamin Franklin. Inevitably, these pages as soon as the player will find them to be caught up by the flow of the wind, and Connor will have to catch them. This is how the game is realized with side missions running and parkour on the roofs and buildings.
    • The collected pages provide additional recipes for making items such as glass harmonica Franklin, which can then be installed in the estate.
    • The game will be a number of side missions: mail (send messages from one person to another), courier (delivery subject to any point on the map), and contracts (killing animals or living purposes.)

    Board games.
    • In Assassin's Creed 3 will be some historically authentic board games: checkers, fanarona and mill.
    • Connor will play board games with AI-opponents at different points of the game world.

    • Connor can become a member of one of the clubs are: hunting, fighting, research and thieves.
    • For example, job hunting club means looking at the frontier of rare animals, four for each zone.
    • When Connor is synchronized with plenty of viewpoints, a member of the research team invited to attend their meeting in the forest by the fire and listen to old tales and stories of sea monsters, or the likeness of a UFO. Connor then given the task to dispel these legends.

    • Forts in the game are the analogue of the Borgia towers Assassin's Creed Brotherhood .
    • Destroying the fort, Connor reduces the impact of the Templars on a particular area, in addition he is able to fast travel to the released point, a large cash prize and the reduction of trade taxes.
    • The destruction of the forts are three consecutive tasks: Kill the captain, the destruction of the arsenal of weapons and the removal of the flag.

    Economics of the New World.
    • Instead of buying property in the city, the economic system of the game is based on the implementation of the trade.
    • Betting begins with the estate, where workers Connor produce goods at a low price and send them to the warehouse.
    • In his house, or any other store of Connor can open a special account book, check stock in a warehouse or give the job to the production of new items.
    • Production of objects is based on recipes and drawings, which can get, doing side quests, contracts, and other tasks. Each recipe requires appropriate specialist (eg, lumberjack) and certain material (eg, animal skins).
    • Produced goods, Connor can send it for sale with an escort by sea or by land. If you have not completed a mission or pirate mission to liberate, it increases the risk that the product will not come to the destination.
    • Shopping convoy - this is a real game object, and if he would be attacked, the player will have to either deal with the most vulnerable or send in his place of recruit-Assassin.Enemies also hits the road convoys that Connor can rob.

    Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation
    The system of "person."
    • The system of "person" allows Avelino select one of three possible options for costumes, all of which not only changes the look of the heroine, but also a set of her abilities.
    • Assassin suit gives you access to the standard set of gear and movements.
    • In a suit at Lady Aveline greatly reduced mobility, but it is able to charm enemies and bribe the officers.
    • In the suit, maid Avelino passes unnoticed in previously closed areas and is able to lift a small rebellion among the local population.
    • Players can buy the game world, scattered buildings, which Avelino can change costume, and then complete the task of the mission by one of the three available methods.
    • Each "person" has a few different options for the appearance (skins).

    Maritime trade.
    • On a plot of Avellino - the daughter of a wealthy Frenchman, who made a fortune in the maritime trade.
    • In an old warehouse, which serves as its headquarters, the player can activate the trade map of North America.
    • The game starts at the disposal of Avelino is only one ship that can carry a variety of ports of sugar, cotton and other commodities.
    • Each path between two points on the map is a percentage of the storm, a chance encounter with pirates. The player will have to choose between the complexity of the route and the potential profits that they can get in the case of the successful sale of the goods.
    • Avelino soon be able to buy new ships, each of which has its own characteristics maximum load, speed, and strength.

    • Committing murder, Avelino fills a special meter, which allows you to run the "chain murders".
    • "Chain murders" stops the time and you can choose to click on the touchscreen goals for their instant and spectacular murder.

    • Scholars - organization, sabotage work Abstergo, plays an important role in theAssassin's Creed 3 Liberation .
    • Liberation on the plot is an interactive game-propaganda created by Abstergo. In the important plot points almost no mention of the Templars and their role in history.However, the organization of the system of Scholars broke and tries to convey to the players the truth.
    • In certain parts of the game missions will interrupt the voice that asks, for example, to track an eagle eye "Citizen E," which is not a part of history. Killing the target, you unlock the real version of events, which usually is Abstergo / Templar bad.

    Interaction with Connor.
    • Company Ubisoft has confirmed that one of the missions of the game will Avelino in New York, where she met Connor.
    • Linking Liberation with Playstation 3 - version Assassin's Creed 3 , you may even be able to pass this mission for itself Connor.

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