• Sleeping Dogs first story DLC revealed at New York Comic Con

    Square Enix revealed the first story-expanding piece of downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs at New York Comic Con. The DLC is called Nightmare in North Point, and it will be available on October 30th, 2012.

    The Halloween-themed DLC brings the supernatural into Sleeping Dogs' version of Hong Kong, with the developers' take on zombie fiction via Chinese mythology. Nightmare in North Point tells the story of a gang member whom the Triad tortured and killed; here, he comes back to life with an army of the undead, and it's up to protagonist Wei Shen to take care of the threat.

    The developers presented a live demo of Nightmare in North Point in which Shen took on possessed members of the 18K Triad gang. Their eyes glow blue, and when they're killed, they disappear into the ground in a flash of green light. It's a good thing he now has lightning fists courtesy of some magical tea from an earlier mission. Shen also has to contend with Jiang Shi — Chinese vampires. For them, he has a peach wood sword. According to Chinese lore, such blades were used in Taoist exorcisms.

    Here's a look at the demo revealed at New York Comic Con:

    No price was announced at the panel. According to a representative for Square Enix, Nightmare in North Point will offer a few hours' worth of content. Previously announced DLC includes racing and police missions; those pieces of content will be available on October 16th.

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