• Guillermo del Toro not giving up on InSane

    Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro is "not giving up" on his action game trilogy InSane. THQ officially canceled the game in August, but del Toro told Kotaku recently that discussions are underway to bring the game to market.

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    He said:
    "When something doesn't happen in one way, I just continue pursuing it in another way. I own the property and I control it. I'm not giving up on InSane"
    Del Toro was asked which studio would be a "dream developer" for InSane, and he responded with Half-Life and Left 4 Dead company Valve. He said he is a "big fan" of the outfit.

    InSane was to be a collaborative effort between del Toro and Saints Row studio Volition. It was not expected to arrive for another two or three years.

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